See What Our Franchisees Are Saying

  • Barry Robinson

    “When I had an opportunity to make a career change, I honestly did start with a blank sheet of paper and considered a number of nearby possibilities. As I started running those possibilities through various filters. Huddle House is the one that just wound up filtering itself to the top.“

  • Ben Hoover

    “I am proud to say that we got quite a few employees that have been with us for 14 years.“

  • Gregg Hansen

    “I went from 2 locations to 3 to 5 to 7 to 8 to 10 to 18 pretty quickly. We are really working on the people part of catching up with all of the growth. But there's lots of support there for growth. One of our locations burned in early 2015, and Huddle House provided great support in getting that location essentially rebuilt and reopened.“

  • Mike Lokhandwala

    “There were three things that really attracted me to the brand. To be specific, it was the brand culture that I experienced through corporate and talking to other franchisees, the good food that's on the menu, and the compelling unit economics.“

  • Robert Wiggins

    “This is really a hometown gathering type restaurant.“

  • Huddle House Franchise Partner and Hotelier Surendra Shah

  • Huddle House Franchise Partner Tom Knott

  • Sean Fatzinger

    “The stores we have are profitable or else we would not be building more. The second store we build came out like a rock star right out of the gate and really made a big splash in the community.“

A few more...

  • Huddle House

    “It’s a perfect fit for the community. Huddle House is a step above other dining locations. As we found in Hamilton, Alabama, the core values of serving quality food in a warm, friendly environment that brings the community together creates the type of gathering place that attracts customers of all ages.”

  • Huddle House

    “When the economy is good people eat out. When the economy is bad people eat out. The reality is that we all love to eat at restaurants. With this in mind, I focused on required investment and ROI. One day it all seemed to come together. My research told me to look at diners. A diner franchise is attractive to a wide customer base and has been around for as long as people have been eating out. They also are not a trend that will soon disappear. Within minutes I found the website for Huddle House. The moment I saw it I knew it was worth looking into. Huddle House offers a 24-hour diner with a new look, and the decor is attractive and inviting. The business side was also a home run.”

  • Huddle House

    “Communities like Marion, Illinois, are important to us, and Pamela and I are proud that we’ve been able to create more local jobs because of Huddle House. Starting from the ground up and building our own restaurant was challenging, but the outcome has been worth it. We already have a group of loyal customers who have turned the restaurant into one of their regular gathering places.”