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Huddle House franchise owners run the gamut from hometown entrepreneurs to multi-unit investors

The Huddle House franchise model accommodates both serial restaurateurs and multi-unit franchisees as well as single-unit investors looking to break into foodservice.

“There are plenty of franchise concepts out there that only want franchisees willing to immediately commit to multiple locations,” says Christina Chambers, Vice President of Franchise Development. “There are other franchises that just don’t have the longevity and the proven systems in place that Huddle House has, and they’re not equipped to support the kind of growth capacity that a savvy multi-unit owner can bring.

“At Huddle House, we embrace both single and multi-unit owners. We know that some franchise owners want to improve their hometowns, create jobs and create that central gathering place that they can be proud of, while others are looking for a smart brand where they can scale up quickly and lock in protected territories in top markets. We believe there’s room for everyone at the table.”

Meet Huddle House franchisees

Robert Wiggins Jr. opened a new Huddle House location in 2015, but the concept wasn’t exactly new to him. Some 25 years prior, Wiggins and his father had built the first Huddle House in Hazlehurst, Georgia, only to sell the location after several years. Wiggins subsequently invested in various food franchises, but when he heard that Hazlehurst was once again without a Huddle House after the original location closed, he jumped at the chance.


“I was familiar with the old Huddle House concept, but it’s changed a lot over the years,” Wiggins says. “The actual layout of the building itself is different, and the quality of food is definitely better. They really stress the quality now.”

The experienced foodservice franchise owner, who owns franchises with Pizza Inn, Dick’s Wings and Hardee’s, is so pleased with the direction of our brand and the community reception to the new Hazlehurst location that he’s already considering expanding. Huddle House does big things for little towns, particularly since we thrive in places that other franchises reject as too small. You can read more about the hometown opportunity here.

18 units in the first 6 years

When he was considering buying into the Huddle House system back in 2007, Gregg Hansen already had foodservice franchising and multi-unit retail experience under his belt, so he understood clearly what he wanted. He also knew what he didn’t want — specifically, he didn’t want to “recreate the wheel.”

With a stable brand that already had proven systems in place, Hansen would be free to build his own team of people to execute those systems, which would allow him to grow as large as he wanted to. To date, he’s up to 18 locations in 7 states.

Huddle House franchise owner Gregg Hansen at the 2016 Huddle House National Convention Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at the Renaissance Marriott Resort in Orlando, Florida.

“We still have four folks from that first location we opened in 2007 who still work for us, and I think it is a tribute to them and a tribute to us,” Hansen says. “We love to promote from within, so as we have grown from 2 locations to 18 locations, we have added obviously a couple of layers of management, and all of those layers of management have folks that have been with us for 6 years, 7 years, 8 years. It has been a joy to watch those people grow up with us.”

You can read more about the opportunity for multi-unit investors here.

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