What Huddle House Franchisees Are Saying


Shameet Desai

When I signed on as a franchisee before I even graduated from college, I was a little worried as to what I was getting into and if I would be able to keep up with everything. After I attended an excellent support center training week, I learned so much valuable information that will be very beneficial to me as I open my restaurants with the Huddle House family. The amount of resources they have to offer us is amazing, as well as the amount of support Huddle House has shown me since day one. Each and every person has made my journey flow so easily. It is wonderful that I am able to contact anybody at any time and without hesitation they are willing to help me out.
—Shameet Desai,multi-unit owner



“It’s a perfect fit for the community. Huddle House is a step above other dining locations. As we found in Hamilton, Alabama, the core values of serving quality food in a warm, friendly environment that brings the community together creates the type of gathering place that attracts customers of all ages.”
— Mike Millican, multi-unit owner


“When the economy is good people eat out. When the economy is bad people eat out. The reality is that we all love to eat at restaurants. With this in mind, I focused on required investment and ROI. One day it all seemed to come together. My research told me to look at diners. A diner franchise is attractive to a wide customer base and has been around for as long as people have been eating out. They also are not a trend that will soon disappear. Within minutes I found the website for Huddle House. The moment I saw it I knew it was worth looking into. Huddle House offers a 24-hour diner with a new look, and the decor is attractive and inviting. The business side was also a home run.”
— David Worthley, multi-unit owner

“Communities like Marion, Illinois, are important to us, and Pamela and I are proud that we’ve been able to create more local jobs because of Huddle House. Starting from the ground up and building our own restaurant was challenging, but the outcome has been worth it. We already have a group of loyal customers who have turned the restaurant into one of their regular gathering places.”
—Robert Jellen, single-unit owner

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