A History of Delicious Food, Served From the Heart

The story of Huddle House is the story of community, service and great Southern comfort food

history-picsJohn Sparks was working at his Decatur, Georgia, diner one evening in 1964 and thinking about his new idea for a chain of Southern-themed diners. He knew he wanted a friendly, welcoming atmosphere with good food at a great price, but he didn’t know what he would call it. A group of high school boys came in, fresh from football practice, and gathered in the corner. As they leaned in together, talking and laughing, one of them still had a football in one hand and a helmet in the other. They looked, Sparks thought, like they were in a huddle. And that’s when it hit him: Huddle House was the perfect name for his restaurant chain.

Over 50 years later, Huddle House is the hub in some 400 communities across the United States, a place where folks gather before the Chamber of Commerce meeting or for brunch after church or anytime at all. We still rule the small-town markets we started in, because we’re especially important in towns that don’t have dining options other than fast food. We also do well in larger urban areas, interstate travel centers and college towns. Wherever you find Huddle House, you’ll find people who value community and Southern-inspired comfort food and servers who greet you by name and pour your coffee just the way you like it.

Any Meal. Any Time.

That “Any Meal. Any Time.” motto has been part of our philosophy for the last five decades. Huddle House’s unwavering commitment to outstanding Southern hospitality, generous portions, affordable prices create pull-demand that creates high-frequency regular customers. Our unit-level economics can sustain single-unit owners who want to provide that community gathering spot for their hometown or entice experienced multi-unit owners looking to diversify their investment portfolios. In addition, many of our franchisees own their building and land, building significant equity in real estate holdings.

While we’ve held true to the same core values over the years, we’ve learned to be nimble and change with the times. Our updated Evolution restaurant design features a look that’s bright, colorful and reminiscent of America’s classic neighborhood diners. A modern logo adorns signs and menus. Breakfast classics like fluffy omelets and golden waffles join updated classics like stuffed hashbrowns. Franchisees generate revenue through all day parts: breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night, and weekends.

No matter what the daypart is, everything on the Huddle House menu is always available.
No matter what the daypart is, everything on the Huddle House menu is always available.

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