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Breakfast is bigger than ever in 2018

Our diner franchise opportunities are more appealing than ever, especially now that our longtime business model is becoming trendy

We’re not selling avocado toast. Yet. But it’s nice to know that we’re on trend anyway, if all the latest and greatest restaurants are to be believed. Our simple, homestyle meals and our commitment to Southern-style hospitality are what we’ve always focused on, and now our “Any meal. Any time.” slogan and big focus on breakfast seem to be infiltrating the food scene.

The convenience and fuel retailing site NACS noted in a recent article that restaurants in foodie towns like New York and Austin are increasingly offering all-day menus and a focus on breakfast.

In short, it’s a great time to be considering diner franchise opportunities like ours.

An aerial shot shows two hands, one on the left wielding a fork and the right picking up a knife, over a platter of hashbrowns and an omelet with melted cheese and cubes of ham. A cell phone reading “9:36 p.m. Wednesday,” a pile of creamers and sweeteners, and a cup of coffee with cream are seen left to right in the upper portion of the photo above the platter.
It’s breakfast time any time at Huddle House, where franchise owners make the most of selling a lot of low-cost, high-margin breakfast items.

What time is breakfast? Any time a customer wants it.

It makes sense for restaurants to offer all day parts, experts told NACS. The article read in part, “Restaurants have found that being closed for part of the day makes it harder to make ends meet. ‘I think in a very competitive restaurant landscape it is not super logical to have a restaurant that’s empty for a large number of hours,” said Claus Meyer, who partnered with Fredrik Berselius on [New York] restaurant Norman, which operates breakfast to dinner.”

We’ve always known that at Huddle House, which has more than 400 locations nationwide, many of them open 24 hours. We offer all dayparts, and our guests have always appreciated our “Any meal. Any time.” philosophy. Even the Breakfast Police – you know, the ones who insisted breakfast was just fine at 10:29 a.m. but completely out of the question at 10:31 a.m. – have gotten on board.

That’s great news for breakfast-loving guests, and even better news for profit-seeking franchisees.

An exterior shot of a Huddle House restaurant shows off a sleeker design with awnings, landscaping and a more modern logo.
Lower cost of goods and higher profit margins make breakfast one of the most lucrative dayparts in the restaurant industry, especially when guests can order breakfast any time they’d like.

How breakfast bulks up the bottom line

Huddle House is known to consumers for our crispy hashbrowns, our delicious golden waffles, our fluffy omelets made to order and a bottomless coffee cup. What potential franchise buyers might not know is that breakfast items comprise over 65% of our sales.

Breakfast menu items like eggs and waffles tend to have a lower cost of goods (COGs) than lunch and dinner dayparts, so that makes the most important meal of the day one of the most profitable for restaurateurs. Lower COGs equal higher profit margins, and all-day breakfast equals happier customers.

It’s literally a win-win.

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