Franchise Application

This franchise application will help you in preparing and presenting your personal information for confidential use by Huddle House to determine your qualifications as a franchisee.

Please complete it with as much detail as possible. The completion of this form places no continuing obligation on either party. Please have each person signing fill out a separate application. Questions? Call 1-800-640-7125 for assistance.

Huddle House reserves the right to approve or disapprove the application in its sole discretion, and to withdraw its approval at any time before Huddle House executes a definitive License or Franchise Agreement. There shall be no binding agreement or obligations on either party with regard to the Application or the proposed facility unless and until both parties have executed and delivered a definitive License or Franchise Agreement. Applicant represents and warrants to Huddle House that the enclosed information is true, complete and correct as of the date of the Application, and agrees to supply such additional information, documents, statements or data as requested by Huddle House, and to supplement and correct the information supplied promptly after any earlier submission becomes inaccurate or incomplete.