Huddle House Set to Build Strong Franchise Base in Chicago

The corporate leaders of Huddle House, one of the nation’s largest Southern restaurant franchise companies, are aiming to take big bites out of competitors in 2020. Specifically, there are significant plans to expand the eatery franchise into Chicago. 9 of Huddle House’s current 344 franchise locations are in southern Illinois, but the company’s presence would be further solidified with 3 new spots in the Windy City.

The move to grow in Chicago is certainly not random, though. Huddle House is intentionally building its base there before Waffle House can do the same. The competitor currently has no presence in Chicago, and Huddle House has identified the location as a prime spot for prized franchise opportunities.

Sam Elahi is the proud owner of the first Huddle House franchise location in Chicago, set to open its doors on Stony Island Avenue in March 2020. In a recent interview with Eater Chicago — you can view the full article by clicking here — he noted his own firsthand experiences with the serious lack of good breakfast options in Chicago. Thanks to the planned expansions of Huddle House, he has found a fitting solution to that problem. Sam is so confident the Stony Island Avenue location will be a smash hit that he is already working on early plans to develop three more on the South Side of Chicago in the coming years. If all goes according to plan, then Mr. Elahi and Huddle House will bring jobs to approximately 300 locals, while also brining delicious food.

Since its origins in 1964, Huddle House has been giving eaters hearty Southern-based meal options that never go off the menu based on the time of the day. Franchise owners and entrepreneurs from across the country have jumped at the chance to join Huddle House due to this customer-friendly approach to eating. Franchisees never have to worry about losing business during certain hours due to menu restrictions, which means more chances to establish a location as the go-to diner for locals, regardless of time.

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