Single versus Multi-Unit Ownership

When you’re thinking of joining a franchise, you’ll often have the option to either stick to owning just a single location or expanding and owning multiple units. Each form of ownership has its benefits, so it’s important to lay out your options in order to determine if you’re better suited for single or multi-unit ownership.

The Benefits of Single Unit Ownership

More Affordable

Right off the bat, opening a single franchise location is more affordable. You won’t have to spend more initial capital getting a single location off the ground as you would multiple locations. Once the business is up and running, you’ll only have to focus on the financial obligations (operating costs, employee salaries, etc.) of one location.

More Control

When you own a single unit, you’re able to have more hands-on control of product quality, daily operations, and customer interaction since you’ll be able to dedicate more time and attention to that one location.

Benefits of Multi-Unit Ownership

Increased Revenue

It makes sense — the more locations you have, the more quickly your profits can increase. When you own multiple locations, you have a better chance of boosting your revenue stream in a shorter amount of time.

Lower Operation Costs

Owning multiple franchise units allows you to order supplies in bulk, so you can spend less money on more product. That will help you lower your average operating costs — something you may not always be able to do when you only own a single location.

At Huddle House, we offer you the opportunity to be a single or multi-unit owner. We are worth considering for any multi-unit owners looking to diversify or for a first-time restaurateur looking to get established in the foodservice industry. Make a difference in your community while enjoying the financial benefits, and contact us today to get started.