Any Meal. Any Time. Learn All About What Makes the Huddle House Menu So Special.

At Huddle House, we have a history of bringing friends and family together over delicious food served from the heart. Not only do we offer high value to our customers, but our robust menu research and development takes plenty into account to create a unique and profitable business venture for our franchisees. Learn more about the benefits of our Southern comfort-inspired menu below.


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Advantages of an Uncomplicated Menu

  • Easy to learn and prepare food
  • Minimizes the impact of employee turnover on overall guest experience
  • Consistency during training or periods of transition

The Power of Breakfast

Breakfast food accounts for almost 70% of our sales – these items are traditionally less expensive than other meal items. “The awesome thing is there are a ton of eggs in our core heavy-mix items,” says Executive Chef and Director of Menu Development Jenn Townsend. “Eggs are inexpensive. Our hashbrowns are very popular — potatoes are inexpensive. Food cost fluctuations don’t hit us that hard.”


Multiple Dayparts

Huddle House franchisees drive revenue through not three, but four dayparts: breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night. Packed with Southern-inspired comfort food that invokes plenty of nostalgia, our menu is designed to deliver high consumer value to happy customers at healthy gross margins to franchisees – what’s not to love?

In-House Supply Chain

Using an in-house supply chain helps Huddle House keep food costs down and build protection against the fluctuating price of commodities. Since we buy food in bulk and have internal distribution systems, we can break down larger volume shipments for our individual franchise partners, helping to protect profit margins and cut down on waste.

You can do big things for a small town when you join the Huddle House family, and now is the perfect time.