The Benefits of Joining a Franchise

Are you tired of your nine-to-five office job? Could you spend your days doing something you’re passionate about while still being able to earn a good income to support your family? If that's the case, you may consider opening your own business. As you begin to enter the world of entrepreneurship, you probably are wondering what the best kind of business would be for you.

Well, a great way to have your own business, but to avoid some of the hurdles that come with starting from the ground up, is to join a franchise. If you're on the fence about doing so, consider the benefits of joining a franchise that other forms of entrepreneurship don't necessarily offer.

Get Started in a New Industry

A great part of franchising is that you have the opportunity to join a new industry that you’re passionate about. It’s safe to say that there is a franchise brand for just about every industry these days — pet care, home cleaning, restaurants, the list goes on.

You don’t need to worry about not having experience in that industry either. Many franchise brands — ours included — don’t require you to have prior experience in that industry. All they require is passion, a desire to succeed, and a willingness to learn.

Join a Known Brand

One of the biggest benefits of joining a franchise is that you become part of a known, trusted brand. When you try to start a business on your own, it can be difficult to get your local community to remember your business and trust it — you have to take more time to build a rapport with your community before they decide to make your establishment a go-to spot.

When you join a franchise, you’re bringing a name people already know, love, and trust to your town, making it easier to get it off the ground and get people in the door.

Have a Proven Success Record

Unfortunately, when you open a business on your own, there’s no guarantee it will succeed. In cases like these, you take a much bigger gamble.


By joining a known franchise brand, you know you’re entering a business that has a proven track record of success. When you see a franchise (like Huddle House, for example) grow from a single restaurant to over 400 locations in just 55 years, that’s a legacy you’ll want to join.

Receive Start-Up Help

Any entrepreneur can tell you that one of the hardest parts of starting a business is just that: starting it up. Between finding a location, working out supply needs and costs, and getting your name out there, it can be very overwhelming to get your business off the ground on your own.


Franchises offer a wealth of knowledge, and corporate support, to help you get your business started. For example, at Huddle House, our corporate team helps you with everything from picking a location to set up your restaurant to training your staff before you open.

Know Your Costs Better When Franchising

Especially if this is the first time you're opening a business, all the preparation in the world can't prepare you for every and all surprise costs that may arise during your first few months of operation.

When you join a franchise, you’re advised by a team who’s opened numerous locations already and knows pretty much the exact cost of doing so. This can better prepare you for the expenses ahead so you’re not blindsided by any unexpectedly large costs during your start-up period.

Join the Huddle House Legacy

Huddle House believes that our Southern family dining franchise is the best choice for both novice entrepreneurs and experienced operators. We have been delivering customer satisfaction and franchisee success for over five decades, and our brand is iconic in the communities we serve.

When it comes to choosing a franchise business that fits your requirements, there are quite a few options; It’s a big decision to make and one that requires a lot of thought, research, and consideration. Get started with us today!