Franchise Support You Can Count On

From owner-operators to multi-unit developers, Huddle House franchisee support can be tailored to help anyone succeed.

First things first: Buying a Huddle House franchise (or several) is not a sink-or-swim proposition. As an investor you want to mitigate your risk as much as possible, no matter how much you believe in a brand. Part of understanding our value proposition is understanding how consistently and how well we support our owners. At Huddle House, our franchisee support program is designed to help you foresee every obstacle, chart a path through any challenges and leverage every successful system we’ve honed over our half-century in the restaurant franchise business.

We start during the ramp-up process, and it’s probably no surprise that when you’re figuring out where to build your franchise, we’ll be there to help. We have amazing site selection software through our vendor partner Buxton, for instance. We offer help in the construction and design phase, and our marketing and field operations teams will be there to guide you as well.

Experienced franchise owners know that a certain amount of support before your grand opening is typical. But Huddle House’s pre-opening support is extensive: up to 40 days of training, both in classroom and at an operating restaurant, for you and two of your designated managers, or three of your designated managers if you won’t be involved in day-to-day operations. You’ll also receive two to three weeks of pre-opening and post-opening assistance in your restaurant.

Huddle House franchisee support: What franchisees are saying

When you conduct your due diligence during the franchise-buying process, you’ll have opportunities to talk to Huddle House franchise owners about their impressions of our training and support. Consider this a sneak preview:

Mike Lokhandwala Huddle House FranchiseMike Lokhandwala, who has 12 Huddle House franchises operating or under development in Georgia and Florida, also owns other foodservice franchise concepts. He recognized right away how outstanding the Huddle House franchisee support system was – and why it was different.

“It was black and white to be honest. From Day 1 it was about servant leadership. I was able to pick up the phone and talk to Michael, Ty and Tom,” says Lokhandwala, referring to Huddle House CEO Michael Abt and the executive team. “These are great executives with a lot of experience. I had a list of questions, and they were always available. We had several meetings one-on-one and the access to information was seamless.”

Our largest multi-unit owner, Gregg Hansen, has had a similar experience with our support and accessibility, particularly as he was growing from two locations to nearly 20 over the past several years.

Gregg Hansen Huddle House Franchisee“There is a lot of support there for growth, including where to potentially put a location and where the best market is,” he says. “The everyday support is really great, too. I can call if I have a question or need help and I get an answer that day. There is a lot of feedback and support to make sure we have what we need to be successful.”

Sam Shah of East Stroudsburg, PA, added a Huddle House to his hotel franchise in 2017.

“I’m advising other people who have a hotel that this is a good franchise to have,” Shah says. “It’s very easy to work with them. The opening store trainer, an extremely good trainer, was here for almost three or four weeks. They helped me so much. Every time I pick up the phone and call anybody, they will answer and help me promptly. It was a very, very good experience.”

Ongoing franchise support

Sam And Prusha Shah Huddle House FranchiseesHelp with site selection, design, construction and pre-opening training are standards you should look for in any franchise, but even well after a grand opening or a growth spurt, you can still count on Huddle House. We keep our systems updated and periodically evaluate your franchise, not only to ensure brand consistency and quality but to make sure you have everything you need to succeed with us.

We have experienced franchise owners who have their own corporations overseeing their Huddle House franchises, and we have small town franchise owner-operators who are involved in day-to-day operations. Our goal is to serve franchisees large and small, whether they’re looking for a little support or a lot.

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