3 Ways to Add a Huddle House Restaurant to Your Hotel

How our restaurant franchise can add value to your hotel property and help drive up occupancy rates.

If you’ve been looking for the right restaurant franchise to add to your hotel or hotel franchise, this is a great time to take a look at what Huddle House has to offer. We are currently strategically expanding our brand presence through more associations with hotel owners. Huddle House can offer you an opportunity to increase your value to guests, and adding one of our 24-hour restaurants may help you increase occupancy as well as room rates.

Advantages of a Huddle House

Huddle House has been operating continuously since 1964, and we’re as famous now for our homestyle, hearty breakfasts and comfort food as we were then. Throughout our history, and no matter what market we’re in, we’ve always prided ourselves on our Southern hospitality. Our guests, and by extension your hotel guests, will know they can count on us for “Any meal. Any Time.” While we’ve modernized the way we look and the way we operate, we’ve always remained true to our core values.

Adding our restaurant franchise to your hotel property offers certain advantages. For starters, we offer a protected territory, which gives your hotel a competitive edge.

“Unlike many hotel franchises,” says Christina Chambers, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development, “Huddle House offers an area of protection so you can be assured no other hotel will open up a Huddle House within a 10-minute drive time.”

We serve four dayparts: breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night. Breakfast items are by far our most popular section of the menu, comprising over 65% of overall sales. Since breakfast foods tend to be lower cost, that means higher profit margins for our franchisees.

Huddle House works well in any market, and we are especially popular in small-town markets that may not have any other full-service restaurants in their community. Adding a Huddle House to your hotel will not only be a draw for guests, it will be attractive to the surrounding community as well.

Close Up Shot Of Huddle House French Toast Breakfast

3 ways to add our restaurant franchise to your hotel

We have three main ways you can optimize your hotel property with a Huddle House restaurant franchise:

  • Convert an unbranded restaurant in your hotel.
  • Convert an adjacent freestanding restaurant.
  • Build new on as little as .8 acres.

“If someone is converting an existing restaurant within their hotel or next to their hotel, our construction team can work with interior design to efficiently use the pieces that may already be in place, such as a hood or walk-in cooler,” Chambers says. “We also allow shared bathrooms, if they have bathrooms in their lobby.”

We’ve already been working with Days Inn franchise owners, such as Sam Shah of East Stroudsburg, PA, who can attest to the success of adding a Huddle House to his property. Our long track record of success is one of the reasons Huddle House is among the best restaurant franchises for hotels. Since opening his Huddle House franchise on his Days Inn property, Shah has seen double-digit increases in his room occupancy rates.

“The support system was very good, and every time I pick up the phone and call anybody they will answer and help me promptly,” Shah says. “It was a very, very good experience.”

Next steps for hotel owners

We encourage hotel owners to give us a call and have a detailed interview with Billy Evans, Director of Franchise Sales. “We’ll discuss how this can benefit your hotel property and your guests,” Evans says. “We’ll talk about how much space you need. And we want hotel franchise owners to understand that Huddle House doesn’t have to replace their free breakfast program if they already have one in place.

“But it will draw in people who want to sleep late, and it will draw in people from the community. If they are required to have a free breakfast program, they might be able to offer their guests a $4 off coupon to eat at Huddle House instead.”

Hotels + Huddle House: Find out more

Learn more about the benefits of adding a Huddle House restaurant franchise to your hotel property. Just fill out the form, and you’ll receive a password to access the Huddle House Franchise Information Center, where you can review more in-depth information about our franchise offering, including our financial picture. You can also learn more about our value proposition by exploring our research pages.