Build Your Own Huddle House Empire

Our restaurant franchise provides you with the support, the territories and the properties you need to scale up quickly.

Huddle House is one of the more interesting brands in the restaurant franchise industry. We’ve been around long enough to be a legacy brand, while our new leadership has been driving significant growth and attracting multi-unit operators in the past few years. That gives us a great mix of owner-operators and sophisticated investors intent on building their own Huddle House franchise empires.

Our franchise development team recognizes what it takes to leverage our iconic brand status into an appealing value proposition for multi-unit investors. Whether you want a 3-pack, 5-pack or plan to build 100 restaurants, we have the territories available and the support systems in place to help you build the restaurant empire you’ve been dreaming of.

What multi-unit owners want

Jamie Hicks has a history in food service and a culinary arts degree under his belt, so Huddle House seemed like a natural direction to turn when he decided to pursue restaurant ownership.

“The cost is pretty low compared to other chains,” says Hicks. “It’s reasonable, and they kind of hook you up with people that are willing to finance it. They make it really easy to get in on it.”

Hicks has swiftly developed a network of five restaurants in the past 10 years, with a sixth in development, from his hometown base in Bardstown, KY. Only one of his restaurants has been built from the ground up; the rest were all remodels of existing Huddle House restaurants.

What multi-unit owners need

Brothers Dev and Shiv Patel have a similar strategy in mind since signing their five franchise agreements with Huddle House last year. They needed a brand that would be flexible enough to work in a travel center or c-store as well as in stand-alone locations.

Dev Patel Huddle House Franchisee“We had been in the business before, operating convenience stores and other quick-service restaurants,” says Dev Patel of Richmond, VA. “We were building a truck stop and needed a different brand. So, we were doing some research and came across Huddle House, and it kind of went from there.”

Adds Shiv Patel: “It seemed like the economics for this restaurant franchise were very strong. Our existing brands couldn’t go into the space in the truck stop, and the Huddle House fit was good for a truck stop because they serve diner food.”

Shiv Patel Huddle House FranchiseeDriven by their family background in entrepreneurship – they grew up helping out in their father’s donut shop – and the Huddle House brand’s ability to help them scale quickly through resales and reopen opportunities, the Patel brothers have big plans in mind. They want to open 35 Huddle House units over the next five years.

We recently celebrated our best year for growth and development in 15 years, ending our 12-month fiscal year with 36 new locations under development – 22 of those by multi-unit owners. We also expanded our diner franchise in 14 states.

Scaling up with the right support

Neither Hicks nor the Patels would be able to open so many franchises if our experienced franchise leadership didn’t offer the right kind of guidance and support.

“The brand has made a lot of headway over the last five years, according to what we learned from other franchisees and them telling us that sales were increasing,” says Dev. “The management team there is making a lot of central changes to get us ready for the next decade. And, honestly it all came down to the food. When we went to the Huddle House restaurant and had the food, the food sealed the deal.”

It has also sealed the deal in many small towns, which have offered financial incentives to entice franchise buyers to locate or revitalize existing units in their communities. We excel in smaller markets, which often have limited competition in sit-down dining because other brands won’t locate there. We are also flexible enough to work in larger markets as well as in travel centers, c-stores and hotels.

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