What's My Role in the Business?

With our systems and support finely tuned over five decades in business, Huddle House makes it easier for you to focus on the big picture.

Bobby Byram III is very familiar with Huddle House franchising. He was just 12 when his father opened the family’s first restaurant franchise. Today, the 24-year-old is managing the family’s Osceola, AR, store and preparing to take over operations for their newest unit in Paragould, AR, as well.

With the two stores about an hour apart, Byram anticipates spending more of his time at the Paragould Huddle House, which is closer to his home, and has already lined up managers to deal with the day-to-day in Osceola. Both of his parents pitch in on the cooking from time to time, and Byram does as well when he’s not busy with inventory and overseeing employees. The Byrams, who operate their franchises under the company GlenMar Enterprises, already have their sights set on adding a few more Huddle House franchises in the next few years.

“I considered other careers, and I came real close a couple times, but I decided to just stick with Huddle House, and here I am,” Byram says. “I’m happy that I’ve done it, and I’m ready to help my dad and mom continue to build our business and expand for many stores to come.”

Engagement is key

Huddle House franchising works because we’re an iconic restaurant brand that is designed for two ownership tracks: single-unit owner-operators and multi-unit franchisees. Our most successful franchisees are the ones who are engaged in the business while delegating the day-to-day operations to others.

We don’t require restaurant experience, although it’s helpful, because you can hire managers with experience to oversee your daily operations. We have experienced business coaches who can help you achieve your sales and growth goals, and our seasoned franchise executives are only an email or a phone call away. At Huddle House corporate, the franchisee is our most important customer. We serve you so you can serve your most important customers – the Huddle House guests who have kept us in business for so many years.

Managing multi-unit sales & growth

Jamie Hicks of Bardstown, KY, has opened five Huddle House restaurants in the past 10 years and has another in the works. Only one of his restaurants has been built from the ground up; the rest were all remodels of existing Huddle House restaurants.

With a culinary degree and a background in restaurants, Hicks understood the business side of restaurant franchising and had a good grasp on operational efficiencies, too. For him, that looks a lot like managing the managers.

“I’ve already solicited a good leader at one of those existing stores who’s going to manage at the new one. Plus, I have another lady I’m going to hire, so I’m going to have two or three managers overseeing everything,” he says.

“You’ve got to be involved. You can’t just turn your restaurants over to somebody else and forget about them. You need to be involved, know what’s going on, keep up with the advertising,” says Hicks, who visits his stores two or three times a week. “I go to all the conventions and the meetings, even though I don’t always have to. I think being a part of it is the most important thing for any prospective Huddle House franchisee to know.”

The system works for solo-unit owners, too

Angie Britton Huddle House Franchisee

Angie Britton, who owns the Cuba, MO, Huddle House with her husband, Kevin, understands the power of delegation. As this year’s winner of our annual Best of the Best award, Britton’s restaurant is the top performer out of more than 400+ units in our system. She finds her business runs most smoothly when she lets trusted, longtime staff handle the daily operations.

“I oversee our manager,” Britton says. “She’s in charge of the day-to-day operations, but I oversee her. I help her manage the food costs and labor costs and daily operations. I take care of all the marketing, I do payroll, every aspect of the accounting. Of course, my husband and I get together and make decisions together, but he takes care of maintaining equipment and the building.”

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Whether you’re seeking five or 10 restaurants or you want to create a single excellent gathering place in your hometown, Huddle House franchising may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Please fill out the form to access our proprietary Franchise Information Center, or explore our research pages for more information.