Multiple Reasons For a Multi-Unit Investment

Some of our most successful multi-unit franchisees explain why Huddle House was the right investment for them.

Huddle House multi-unit opportunities are plentiful. That can mean adding a second store in a town neighboring your hometown unit, or it could mean reopening old locations across several states.

While our diner franchise also has great investment opportunities for single-unit owner-operators, there’s never been a better time to think big – and grow accordingly – with Huddle House. Fiscal Year 2017 was our best year for growth and development in 15 years, with expansion in 14 states and 36 new locations under development – 22 of those by multi-unit owners.

Our tremendous growth trajectory, territory availability and, most of all, our experienced franchising team mean there’s never been a more opportune time to explore multi-unit franchise ownership with Huddle House.

Below, several of our franchisees explain what drew them to the Huddle House multi-unit opportunity:

Shiv & Dev Patel, 5 units

Dev Patel Huddle House Franchisee“There were a lot of opportunities in terms of growing geographically,” Dev Patel says. “Also, the brand has made a lot of headway over the last five years, and other franchisees had been telling us that their sales were increasing. The management team is making a lot of central changes to get us ready for the next decade. And honestly, it all came down to when we went to the Huddle House restaurant and had the food. The food sealed the deal.”The Patel brothers had experience in convenience stores and QSR, so when they saw an opportunity to develop multiple units with Huddle House, they went all in. Their goal? Thirty-five units over the next five years.

Shiv Patel adds, “It seemed like the economics were very strong.”

Bobby Byram III, 2 units

Byram’s father opened the family’s first store in 2005 in Osceola, AR, when Byram was just 12. Today, he’s taking over operations in their original location as well as the second unit opening in Paragould, AR. Byram grew up in the business, ventured into other career options briefly, but returned to his first love.

“We’re getting to a place financially of getting our loan paid down, after having this one for 13 years now, so we feel like we’re at a place where we’re ready to grow. And also, since it’s so close to home for me, we think that Paragould will be a great market for a Huddle House. There’s not much competition in the breakfast field. There’s just your fast food, like McDonald’s and Hardee’s. Paragould is a thriving, growing town. There’s a small college there, and we just think that Huddle House is a great option for Paragould.”

Jamie Hicks, 5 units

With his culinary arts degree, Hicks made the rounds in the restaurant business and worked as food director at a couple of places. When he saw how easy it was to access the Huddle House multi-unit opportunity, however, he jumped at the chance to be his own boss and start a family business across Kentucky.

“The cost is pretty low compared to other chains,” says Hicks. “It’s reasonable, and they kind of hook you up with people that are willing to finance it. They make it really easy to get in on it. I actually have five units now, and we’re working on the sixth one.”

And since Jamie spoke with us, his sixth restaurant has opened to rave reviews from the Russell Springs, KY, community.

Huddle House multi-unit opportunities available

If you’re interested in learning more about the available Huddle House multi-unit opportunities, please explore our research pages. Just fill out the form to receive a password to access the Huddle House Franchise Information Center, where you can review more in-depth information about our franchise offering, including our financial picture.