4 New Restaurants in 30 Days

Our swift growth is one of many reasons why Huddle House is among the best restaurant franchises you can invest in today.

We celebrated an impressive milestone last year when we wrapped fiscal 2017 with our biggest growth year ever. And now, as we prepare to wrap up another successful fiscal year, we are proud to say that our momentum hasn’t slowed at all. With four new franchises opened during a recent 30-day period, Huddle House can rightfully claim to be among the best restaurant franchises out there in terms of growth.

The opening of four restaurants in 30 days marks a new high point for us, and we expect many more such firsts as we continue to get the word out about our worth as a great franchise investment.

Outstanding Franchisee Support

When a winter storm blasted the Eastern seaboard in early 2018, some of our Northeastern locations grew concerned about running out of inventory. One of our QA managers, who happened to have a commercial truck-driving license, didn’t hesitate to hop in a truck and drive food to NJ when we had to change some timelines around.

“Everyone in our organization pulls together to help support everyone else,” says Christina Chambers, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development. “We have a servant leadership mentality. Our brand manager Mitch heard about the problem and said, ‘What can I do to help? I can drive the supply truck from Atlanta to New Jersey in the middle of a snowstorm.’”

Growth Drivers

Huddle House, a 54-year-old legacy brand, has a solid track record of success in business and, in the past several years, an infusion of new leadership with updated ideas. We’ve been concentrating on systemwide growth as well as increasing same-store sales and average unit volume.

Aerial Shot Of Huddle House Breakfast

Part of our strategy has been the Evolution redesign. We put our own skin in the game with cash incentives for existing owners to remodel, and the more modern look is driving significant results. Restaurants with the Evolution redesign outperform older-model stores, on average, by over 30%.

Value for Customers and Communities

Although our concept will work almost anywhere, Huddle House is one of those small town businesses that thrive because we understand what these communities need, and we’re not afraid to go places that other restaurant franchises reject.

Our all-day breakfast concept is open 24 hours in many locations, and we actually serve “Any Meal. Any Time.” Customers love our Southern hospitality, our big portions, our great values and, of course, our amazing comfort food. They also love that we fill a niche in communities that don’t have a lot of sit-down dining options.

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Whether you’re seeking five or 10 restaurants or you want to create a single excellent gathering place in your hometown, Huddle House franchising may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Please fill out the form to access our proprietary Franchise Information Center, or explore our research pages for more information.