Joining a Winning Legacy Brand Vs. An Emerging Diner Franchise

Newer diner franchises are cropping up, but Huddle House is a better franchise choice. Here’s why.

Breakfast is awesome no matter what time it is, and a lot of new diner concepts are starting to catch on. You’re probably noticing more places cropping up in a strip mall near you that sell all-day breakfast. That’s okay with us; we’re established and successful enough to welcome the competition. We just think it’s important that our prospective buyers understand that Huddle House has a lot of advantages over newcomers in the diner franchise space, not to mention decades more experience.

“Why is breakfast suddenly trending?” asks Franchise Chatter in a recent article. “Part of it is the growing desire among many consumers to eat a more protein-heavy diet but without doing the cooking themselves. For others, it’s about seeking out somewhat healthier options than typical fast-food offerings. Whatever the reasons for it, more than 50% of people now eat breakfast outside the home. The good news for would-be restaurateurs is that breakfast food ingredients tend to be less expensive, allowing for better margins.”

Compare these diner franchises to Huddle House

We understand there can be excitement around an emerging brand. There can also be a lot of uncertainty. Consider the size alone of these diner brands:

Franchising sinceNo. of units
Black Bear Diner2002106
Another Broken Egg Cafe200567
Famous Toastery201326
Broken Yolk Cafe200925
Huddle House1966400

There’s a curious thing about franchise size. In the beginning, they tend to be so small that you have to be willing to incur greater risk. But later, some franchises grow so large that it’s hard for franchisees to feel like anything other than a small cog in a big wheel.

At Huddle House, you’ve got the security of a franchise system that’s large enough to have locked down some very successful protocols for running an efficient restaurant business, has a good enough reputation to have secured some very experienced leadership and yet still manages to prioritize the needs of franchise owners.

And, while no one can predict the future, there’s a lot of comfort in knowing we’ve been in business for more than half a century.

Too many new kids on the block?

With so many new concepts emerging, and many of them named some variation of an egg pun, it can be difficult for consumers to wade through the noise. How will they differentiate themselves and stand out? Which ones will fall to the wayside and which ones will survive?

By contrast, Huddle House is a well-known brand in the South and beyond, as we expand our traditional stronghold further north, east and west. We keep pushing ourselves forward – our Evolution redesign outperforms older-model stores on average by more than 30% – while staying true to our core values.

Since the 1960s, customers have known and loved Huddle House for for bringing friends and family together over delicious food served from the heart. We’re experiencing record growth as we consistently demonstrate how relevant our brand is to today’s diners.

Join a winning brand

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