3 Reasons Franchisees Choose to Own Huddle House

From multi-unit to owner/operators, our franchisees explain some of the compelling reasons they invested in our breakfast restaurant franchise.

You show us a thriving breakfast restaurant franchise, and we’ll show you a veritable buffet of reasons people might choose to invest. And while it’s true that buyer motivations can be as unique as the individuals themselves, certain themes tend to crop up over and over again. Here are three of the reasons we’ve heard frequently from happy Huddle House investors.


For multi-unit franchise investors, restaurants are a particularly attractive segment. It makes sense – Huddle House is 400 units open and under development and growing, and we can offer economies of scale through vendor relationships, buying power and an in-house supply chain.

Mike Lokhandwala of Valdosta, GA, immediately saw the big opportunity. When he bought his first unit, he was already eager to add another 8-10 over the next few years.

Robert Wiggins Huddle House Franchisee And Robert Wiggins Jr. of Hazlehurst, GA, who also owns franchise concepts including Hardee’s, Pizza Inn and Dick’s Wings, was very happy with our efficient systems. “Of all the brands I’m associated with,” he says, “Huddle House has the lowest food costs.”

We offer a great value to consumers when it comes to our generous portions of delicious comfort food, and we also strive to offer a great value to our franchisees when it comes to purchasing multiple units. We frequently offer financial incentives and resale opportunities.

Small-town appeal

We’re a popular franchise opportunity in small towns, partly because we go in places other brands won’t, and we thrive there. Ben Hoover opened his first location in 2002 in Pelham, GA, which has a population today of about 3,600, and later took over his family’s Huddle House in Moultrie, GA, a somewhat larger town of about 15,000.

Ben Hoover Huddle House FranchiseeHoover’s business sponsors the local high school football team, and the Huddle House is a favorite in Moultrie, even though the dining scene is a little more competitive there.

“We are real proud of what we do in town,” Hoover says. “We are really the family gathering place in Moultrie. We know most of our customers by name. It is comical at times, and we all have a good time with the customers. And the customers have a good time with the employees. It’s a fun gathering place.”

Brand culture

At our Sandy Springs, GA, headquarters, which we call the Support Center, you’ll see reminders everywhere of who our main focus is: the franchisees. Lokhandwala immediately got that, and he was immediately on board with what he describes as our servant leadership model.

Mike Lokhandwal Huddle House Franchisee“From the CEO to the team operations and marketing development – it is phenomenal support,” Lokhandwala says. “That is a big plus for me. Secondly, Huddle House has a niche market in the local communities where no other franchisor goes. Huddle House serves the smaller communities with less than 5,000 people, and that is one thing that really attracts me. That and, of course, the food.”

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