Huddle House Works to Elevate Hospitality Making Good Guest Service Even Better

Setting the bar higher on the guest experience will give us an edge over other diner franchise opportunities.

Every year we hold a convention for our franchise partners and our corporate staff to celebrate our successes, renew old friendships and talk about what’s next for our brand. At this year’s convention, franchisees got an expert’s view on how to create world-class customer service from our keynote speaker, Dennis Snow.

Snow developed his expertise in delivering superior hospitality during his 20 years as an executive with Disney, which is known globally for its outstanding focus on the guest experience. “Happy customers make for healthy bottom lines,” Snow says.

Three steps to better guest service

If you’ve ever noticed errant trash or unfriendly workers at Disney World, that would be the exception rather than the rule. That’s because Disney has made guest hospitality a key priority over the years. It’s become so ingrained with everyone who works there – full-time, part-time and seasonal – that it’s part of their company culture. Snow boils the formula down to three simple steps:

  1. Look at everything through the lens of the guest.
  2. Everything “speaks,” so pay attention to the details.
  3. Create moments of “wow.”

Huddle House has always taken pride in our brand of Southern hospitality, and that’s why the theme of this year’s convention was “Creating Raving, Craving Fans” by elevating our guest experience.

The right staff with the right stuff

A big part of delivering on hospitality hinges on hiring the best staff, and that can be challenging in a low-unemployment economy. “For the restaurant industry, where most of the staff are part-time workers that also balance various other involvements like school or additional jobs, hiring top talent can be even harder than other industries,” trade publication Modern Restaurant Management wrote recently.

Server At Huddle House Serving Guests Coffee

Convention-goers took advantage of workshops that were aimed at vital topics such as making smarter staffing choices. Diner franchise opportunities like ours become much more appealing when we recruit and retain the right employees – those who are open to training and able to deliver on our promise of superior guest service. Snow also shared his service-mapping tool during his keynote speech to help our franchise partners play to their strengths in improving the guest service experience and delivering superior hospitality on a consistent basis.

The best of the best

Best of the Best: Angie & Kevin Britton of Cuba, MO
Franchise Partner of the Year: Dana Price/Price Foods, Guntersville, AL
Lifetime Achievement Award: Hiram Griffin, Nashville, GA.

In introducing Griffin at the awards ceremony, CEO Michael Abt said that Griffin and his wife, Jeanne, have grown their AUV by 79% in a decade of ownership. Abt attributed that to the couple’s hard work and great attitude. “They care deeply about their team members and never miss an opportunity to celebrate a birthday or a special occasion with cookies or a cake,” Abt said at the ceremony. “This approach has led to incredible growth.

“There’s an old expression, ‘I stand tall among men because I rest on the shoulders of others.’ Our recipient credits his team members, his wife and his community for any success he’s enjoyed.”

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