Expansive Growth Means New Opportunities for Investors

Our diner restaurant franchise can succeed in small towns, big cities and everywhere in between.

Could Huddle House be the franchise opportunity you’ve been looking for? If you’re an entrepreneur whose small town desperately needs a place with sit-down dining for all dayparts, or if you’re an experienced investor looking to diversify your portfolio, then the answer could be yes. Our diner restaurant franchise has been making a big impression in some unexpected places with our delicious comfort food and Southern hospitality.

We’ve traditionally been a brand that owns the small-town market niche because we’ve historically performed well in areas that are too sparsely populated for other brands. As we plot out our growth, we’re redefining our traditional locations with a presence in more densely packed urban areas, such as Chicago and the Northeast, and in places like West Texas, which fit our traditional small-town model but are new territory for our brand.

Expanding our footprint also means operating in nontraditional locations, including travel centers and hotels. Many of our older stores have undergone a remodel and experienced a boost in same-store sales, while new locations are opening with our updated Evolution design. We continue to embrace the Southern-inspired comfort food, friendly service and great values that are at the core of our brand while innovating our back-end systems and operating procedures to help our franchise owners run their restaurants more efficiently.

Huddle House being introduced to more people

In 1964, Huddle House was founded in small-town Decatur, GA, to provide a place where communities could gather for a sit-down meal, a late breakfast after church or to celebrate the Little League win. Over the ensuing 50-plus years we’ve grown from a small-town franchise into an iconic brand in the South and beyond, but many parts of the country are just starting to learn who we are and what we have to offer.

Our company has assembled an experienced leadership team under CEO Michael Abt that has pushed our franchise to the next level of growth and attained a true nationwide presence. Franchisees appreciate our brand’s ability to work in a variety of locations, including smaller towns where many other franchises won’t go. That provides us with more territories to offer, and more opportunities for Huddle House to put down roots in new communities.

Huddle House Loaded Chicken Buttermilk Sandwich

Our value proposition works anywhere

We may be known for our Southern comfort food, but our hospitality, generous portions and great values are embraced in every region of the country. That’s why we’ve recently opened locations from East Orange, NJ, to Lubbock, TX, and many places in between. We’re open for all dayparts, including late night, and many locations are open 24 hours.

We have over 400 units open or in development across the country, and we’re excited about our plan to grow by 25% over the next five years. Our growth is strategic, proceeding at a controlled pace so we can ensure we have the infrastructure in place to support each new location as it comes online.

Learn more about our diner restaurant franchise

Huddle House offers an attractive franchise opportunity for anyone looking to diversify an investment portfolio or improve their hometown with a popular gathering place. To find out more, please fill out the form. You’ll receive your own password to access the Huddle House Franchise Information Center, where you can review our financial information, read Q&As with longtime franchisees and more.