Why Hotels and Huddle House Make a Great Team

The best restaurant franchise for hotels offers all the comforts of home cooking away from home, is flexible enough to fit a broad range of spaces and has a long history of successful operations.

Sam Shah saw some impressive numbers right away when he opened a Huddle House in his Days Inn hotel franchise. In fact, his sales jumped 20% this summer thanks to the addition of our classic Southern food franchise.

“Adding a Huddle House into a hotel is a really good idea,” says Shah, whose Days Inn and Huddle House are in East Stroudsburg, PA. “I’m advising other people who have a hotel … this is a good franchise to have. It’s very easy to work with them. The opening store trainer, an extremely good trainer, was here for three or four weeks. They helped me so much.”

Having such a well-established brand right there in the hotel helped, too. Now, he no longer has to send his guests elsewhere to find a good breakfast. They simply walk from their rooms to the Huddle House, where they find all the breakfast classics we’re known for, along with our branded hospitality.

Investors who are seeking to diversify their portfolios should consider Huddle House among the best restaurant franchises to pair with hotels. There are several good reasons why.

Our flexible footprint

Simply put, we work where others don’t. We’ve made a name for ourselves as a small town franchise, building and thriving in places with sparse populations that other brands dismiss. And when it comes to working in the many different footprints available for hotel franchises, from in-house to freestanding, Huddle House is willing to work with franchise owners.

“We can fit just about anywhere, whether they want a freestanding restaurant or they have a space we can convert inside a hotel,” says Billy Evans, Director of Franchise Sales, who is spearheading our hotel co-branding program. “I don’t know of another restaurant chain that will do that. You’re not going to get Denny’s to go inside somebody’s hotel. You’re not going to get IHOP to go inside somebody’s hotel. We can operate where other people can’t or won’t.”

Evans believes Huddle House will find its greatest success when paired with value hotels. “Sam has a Days Inn, and people perceive Days Inn as a value, not a luxury. They’re thinking, ‘Where can I spend the night comfortably but not be charged outrageously?’ You add food to that and it doesn’t matter if the hotel is in Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN, or Detroit, MI, the value of our product connected to the value hotel is a win-win for everyone.”

Our proven systems

Probably the most important aspect of a brand you’re considering partnering with is a proven track record. With newer brands, you take a chance that all the kinks have been worked out and that the franchise is mature enough to maintain long-term stability. With Huddle House, there’s simply no question.

We’ve been in business since 1964. Our commitment to old-fashioned hospitality, all-day breakfast and Southern-style comfort food has never wavered. All of our locations are open late, and some are open around the clock. Our “Any meal. Any time.” catchphrase will be appealing to your traveling guests, who arrive at all hours of the day and night and will appreciate being able to get whatever meal they want, when they want. That kind of convenience and affordability will help increase your repeat business.

“People sleep where they eat and eat where they sleep,” says Evans. “If you check into a hotel and all you offer is a little continental breakfast from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and then they shut down, and your guest asks, what am I going to do for a late breakfast or lunch or dinner?

“With a Huddle House on-site, guests have the convenience of not getting in their car and going somewhere close, where they wait on you and you sit down with a menu instead of eating out of a bag in your room. That has a big, big appeal to hotel guests.”

Our scalability

Shah is already planning to add more Huddle House franchises to hotels he owns in other locations, because the partnership is an unbeatable combination. Guests love the convenience which helps increase his occupancy rates, and Shah has been very pleased with the support from our franchising experts.

“The support system was very good, and every time I pick up the phone and call anybody they will answer and help me promptly,” he says. “It was a very, very good experience.”

Our iconic Southern food restaurant chain is a perfect co-brand for hotels, offering convenient on-site dining that is capably run thanks to our refined operational systems and processes. Brand fans will find the same comfort food menu items they love at value prices, and hotel franchise owners will love adding this kind of value to their properties. Evans says more hotel owners are already lining up, and Huddle House looks forward to announcing more beneficial partnerships in the near future.

“Being in a hotel and having a franchise (restaurant) is a better thing because people in my hotel were asking me all the time where to go for a good breakfast. And I was sending them away,” Shah says. “So, since I have my own franchise restaurant, everybody’s happy. Actually, it increased my hotel business after opening the Huddle House. I’ve seen this summer almost 20% increase in my hotel business. A lot of people like to stay here because it’s very close for them to go to breakfast.

“Lots of regular customers are coming here, especially the local people, and local business people who work around here, all kinds of people we see every day and they’re very happy.”

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