We've Got the Art of Site Selection Down to a Science

Here’s how we leverage Buxton technology to select the best possible sites for our breakfast franchise opportunities.

When it comes to finding the right location for our restaurants, Huddle House doesn’t believe in leaving things to chance. Behind every “sold” sign is a mountain of data, analytics and a vendor partnership with one of the best site selection consultants in the business.

Huddle House works closely with Buxton, the Fort Worth-based site selection consultancy that helps restaurants and other retail clients manage growth based on analytics. Buxton’s experts take into account data from our experience with existing locations and their own market research. They dig into every facet of a site’s success, including the restaurant’s size, operating hours, customer demographics, average transactions, three-year same-store sales records and even average customer drive times.

“In part, we leverage the past to help predict the future,” says Ryan Redus, Vice President of Account Management at Buxton. “If we can understand who bought what where, that unlocks a lot of strategic information that can be used to help identify a top-performing trade area for new restaurant growth.”

The result is a site selection report that gives our breakfast franchise opportunity an impressive competitive edge. Using the tools and research provided by Buxton, our Real Estate and Franchise Development departments can make better strategic decisions to grow the Huddle House brand and help improve our franchisees’ success.

Location, location, location. And customer profiles, too.

Buxton works with our Marketing Department to keep our customer demographic data fresh, updating information often. Every year or so is best for developing that optimum consumer profile that helps us shape our marketing plans. For real estate purposes, refreshing the customer info keeps us apprised of the best standards for all of our locations, from a freestanding breakfast franchise in a small town, to an end cap in the exurbs, to a co-branded site in a travel center or hotel.

We already know we’re one of the best small town businesses around, since we have a history of success in those small communities where other franchises won’t go. Buxton is helping us expand our footprint in other areas as well.

“We study the data based on regionality and population density,” Redus says. “We understand an urban Atlanta location behaves very differently from a small, one-stoplight town. It’s not just a matter of high density and low density. The types of people who come in are probably different. The competition is very different.”

Huddle House franchise buyers benefit

As we work to expand our 400-unit restaurant franchise in both new and existing territories, Buxton’s technology is helping us understand our trade areas better. They examine the market, identify the highest priority areas and strategize the best ways to appropriately infill existing markets. Our aim is smart growth, not a Huddle House on every corner. Buxton helps our Real Estate Department determine how to protect existing locations when opening new properties so that one doesn’t encroach on with the other.

Buxton’s 26 years of experience in site selection analytics helps ensure our 50-year-old breakfast franchise can keep going another 50 years.

“Our experience and our proprietary technologies help us provide an objective view,” says Redus. “We play nicely in that intersection between art and science when it comes to site selection consideration. Buxton gives Huddle House a solid, analytical platform from which to make their most informed decisions.”

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