How a Modern Makeover for a 53-Year-Old Brand Drove Double Digit Sales Increases

Even in small towns, a fresh look paired with our classic comfort food has led to more guest traffic and better sales for Huddle House franchise owners.

Any smart restaurant chain understands the importance of updating their look. It shows off the chain’s ability to pivot, to keep up with younger competitors and maintain the ability to draw both new and existing customers.

Our Evolution remodel gives our restaurants the modernity you’d expect of a 21st-century diner while maintaining the approachable comfort and hospitality our chain embodies. Remodeled restaurants often get a bit of a boost in ticket sales and guest traffic, but our Evolution remodel went far beyond our expectations.

Our remodeled locations are performing 31.5% higher in annual unit volumes compared to older design locations, and more than 60% of our 400+ locations are on track to feature the new look by the end of 2017.

What our sleeker look communicates

We love our hometown heroes, the entrepreneurs who’ve opened Huddle House franchises in their communities and given their neighbors a gathering place, a space to celebrate the milestones in their lives and, in some cases, the only sit-down restaurant in a small town besides fast food. Huddle House will always be that place where people can enjoy great service, big portions of Southern-inspired food and at a price that won’t make them think twice about dining out.

But we’ve also been working hard to update the parts of our operation that hadn’t been changed in a while, making sure Huddle House stays competitive. Our newer owners often come from multi-franchise backgrounds, recognizing that our streamlined systems combined with rock-solid core values make us an appealing, scalable investment.

Ultimately, our guests will tell us if what we’re doing is right. We think those 31% higher sales in remodeled stores speak for themselves.

A small-town franchise flexible enough to work anywhere

The sales increases are among many reasons Huddle House comes to mind as a perfect small-town business idea. Many franchises won’t touch smaller markets because they can’t make the numbers work. But Huddle House excels in smaller areas, as well as exurbs and communities in between.

Part of the reason is that we offer a flexible footprint that can accommodate different kinds of locations, including co-branding spaces with hotels, travel centers and convenience markets. Our centralized supply chain makes it easier to get to out-of-the-way locations, and it helps us keep food costs lower for franchisees, which helps them increase their profit margins.

Our beginnings are rooted in small-town hospitality, and our modern makeover shows that we’re able to adapt to a changing marketplace while maintaining the core of what makes our brand so appealing to our guests – delicious, homestyle food at a great value.

A flexible brand that stays true to our history

We still believe in the vision of our founder, John Sparks, who felt everyone deserved a place to “huddle up” after the game or treat the family on a Friday night. Our guests come to us for our “Any Meal. Any Time.” philosophy, and they love that we tweak our classic comfort food with items like Stuffed Hashbrowns without abandoning the menu items they’ve always loved.

We also believe our franchisees come first, because everyone’s success follows from their success. We do everything we can to help them achieve their business goals, whether that means steadily increasing profitability in one hometown location or growing their portfolios with a Huddle House mini-chain of small-town franchises.

Our unit-level economics are looking good in 2017, and we believe we have another great year in store in 2018 as more restaurants come on board for an overhaul that will make their franchises more modern, more impressive and more appealing to a broader demographic.

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