How We Proved The Huddle House Breakfast Franchise Remodel Was Worth the Money

Evolution redesign amps up and sustains Huddle House breakfast franchise same-store sales growth while opening up new opportunities for investors.

At Huddle House, we’re in the midst of a successful brand revitalization. We’re bringing back longtime guests and attracting new ones by keeping the focus on our food while updating our look to feel modern, warm and inviting. Read on to find out why now’s the perfect time to own a Huddle House breakfast franchise.

Revitalizing a 52-year-old brand

The Evolution redesign is the cornerstone of our efforts to revitalize the iconic, 52-year-old brand of Huddle House. With our new building prototype, contemporary furniture, LED lighting and updated menu offerings, we’ve proven that an old dog can learn new tricks, while keeping the community feeling loved and continuing to please the guests who have made us who we are. Franchise partners who take advantage of the redesign can attract new guests while maintaining longtime fans of the brand.

We know what we’re good at, and that’s enabled us to change with the times without ever abandoning the basis of our success. A new look and feel go hand-in-hand with our core value proposition of hearty, homestyle breakfasts, lunches and dinners, served in a warm, friendly environment 24 hours a day.

Existing franchise partners reaching greater heights

For stores that were open the entire fiscal year, Evolution stores outperformed non-Evolution stores by more than 27% on average annualized sales, according to the 2016 Huddle House Franchise Disclosure Document. We’re moving in the right direction, and our Evolution strategy is giving a big boost to sales for our partners.

“There were definitely growth pains and challenges… However, this effort has also turned into a highlight for us, as the owners who did remodel their stores enjoy double-digit sales growth and boosted profits. I call that a win-win,” says Vice President of Franchise Development Christina Chambers in a recent Huffington Post interview. “The franchisees are making more money, they’re happier, and we get the benefit of their validation for potential owners that Huddle House is a strong brand worthy of investment.”

Powering growth in new markets

The Evolution design has not only powered sales growth at existing locations, it gives us great momentum as we open locations in new markets. Best of all for potential franchise partners, our redesign opens us up to alternative store models that can greatly lower the cost of opening a new Huddle House franchise.

“We’ve adapted our business model from a ground up, free-standing building to include an end-cap model, which requires much less investment and helps our franchise partners achieve return on investment in a much shorter timeframe,” says CEO Michael Abt. “There are opportunities to grow in convenience stores and travel centers, and there’s opportunities to grow in urban markets. That’s appealing to an investor because the growth possibilities are so diverse.”

Learn more about the Huddle House franchise opportunity

If you’d like to learn more about opening your own Huddle House franchise, we’d love to talk to you! We have over 400 locations open or under development across the U.S., with many prime territories still available. Please explore our research pages, or fill out the request form to speak with a development representative and receive your own password to the Huddle House Franchise Information Center. There, you can study our financial information, read Q&As with longtime franchisees, review tutorials for franchise buyers and more.