Your Truck Stop Franchise or Travel Center Could Be Home to a Huddle House

Our restaurant works great in truck stop franchises, travel centers and other nontraditional locations.

Arial Shot Of Breakfast At Huddle HouseHuddle House is known as the brand that works well where others don’t. Our iconic Georgia-based breakfast food restaurant chain has long thrived in small towns that other brands pass by. But we also do well in truck stop franchises, travel centers and other nontraditional locations, which opens up opportunities for many investors looking to diversify.

We were founded based on the idea that every community needs a gathering place, a place where you could bring the family or enjoy date night or have a breakfast meeting with your boss. Our core values of good food at a great value served with Southern hospitality have kept us going strong for 50-plus years. Currently, our 400-unit chain is growing into new territories, and we’re exploring more partnerships with existing brands such as truck stops, convenience stores and travel center franchises.

How we help grow your business

For operators of alternate locations like convenience and travel centers, adding a Huddle House can be a great way to add another revenue stream. We’ve done very well as a primarily small town franchise, but we’ve also proven we do well when we create partnerships with existing brands. Our systems and operations run smoothly, and our years of experience will help ensure that you don’t hit any snags when you welcome us into your other businesses.

With our half-century in business, we have become a familiar icon in the restaurant industry, one that will draw guests from the surrounding community as well as travelers passing by. Huddle House is known for great food and great value, which will keep your local guests coming back while always attracting travelers. It’s also a draw for truckers hungry for good food and friendly service after a long day on the road.

Huddle House is a strong player in the undeserved breakfast market, with our tradition of serving “Any meal. Any time.” All-day breakfast is more popular now than ever, and with the tendency of breakfast foods to be higher-margin than food from other dayparts, you can reap higher financial rewards as well. Breakfast foods make up 60% of our sales.

Leverage your assets

Among the biggest challenges facing multi-unit investors are site costs and finding real estate that is suitable for their restaurant concepts. With existing real estate already nailed down, ramp-up time will be quicker and less expensive than with a traditional freestanding location, making it easier to scale when you own other travel centers and convenience stores.

Huddle House excels in areas that other brands overlook. Some brands won’t build in towns with less than 10,000 people, for instance. We thrive in those markets, and we maintain a flexible footprint that allows us to make our brand successful in nontraditional locations as well. Many travel centers, convenience and truck stop franchises are located in sparsely populated areas, and having a Huddle House nearby will be a draw for residents who may have no other full-service restaurant franchises to choose from.

Learn more

When you’re looking for the right restaurant franchise partner for your travel center, convenience store or truck stop franchise and would like to leverage that opportunity by adding a Huddle House, we’d love to hear from you. Please fill out the short form on this page. You will be provided with your own password to access the Huddle House Franchise Information Center, where you can review our financial information, read Q&As with longtime franchisees and more.