Low Costs, High Margins and Big Breakfasts

Comfort food on the Huddle House menu is helping grow sales.

The National Restaurant Association tells us 72% of Americans want restaurants to offer all-day breakfast, and foodservice experts know that breakfast foods are less expensive than other dayparts. It’s clear that more and more dining franchises are climbing on board the breakfast bandwagon, while our “Any meal. Any time.” Huddle House menu has been there all along.

People love our classic comfort food, especially our hearty breakfasts. That makes for happy guests as well as happy franchisees. Our all-day breakfast menu is a big draw for guests, which helps franchisees grow revenue thanks to the relatively inexpensive food costs in that daypart.

For pleasure and profit

Arial Shot Of Huddle House Breakfast Hash BrownsYou can’t be successful in the restaurant business without loving what you do, and we are passionate about making our guests happy. That’s why we experiment with Limited Time Offers, or LTOs, and introduce new menu items that fit in with our overall comfort food menu. These items not only draw the attention of new guests but can also give our regulars a reason to come in more often.

This spring, for the very first time in our 50+ year history we’ve rolled out pancakes. But not just any pancakes. Ours are Sweet Cakes, “Pancakes Perfected.” They come in premium flavor combinations including Oreo® Cookie Crunch, Caramel Apple Cobbler and Butter Pecan Praline.

Not only are Sweet Cakes decadent in flavor, but they stand out from the competition in their large size — both circumference and height. As big as they are, they are surprisingly light and fluffy. They provide our franchisees with a competitive differentiator, and they also happen to be a big crowd-pleaser.

When guests order the Sweet Cakes or Sweet Cakes Platter, which comes with eggs and a breakfast protein, or when they add a single Sweet Cakes pancake to any meal, they’re reminded of Huddle House’s mission to provide delicious breakfasts at a great price any time of day or night. We innovate our menu without straying too far from our fan favorites like Southern biscuits and gravy, creamy grits or steak and eggs.

Our Free Waffle Wednesday promotion is another way we help increase guest traffic and guest retention, again relying on a breakfast food that tends to be lower cost, thanks in part to our buying power. The promotion benefits franchisees by attracting more guests without too much financial burden.

Balancing the appeal of new and core Huddle House menu items helps us retain our status as an iconic restaurant chain known for comfort food and Southern hospitality, keeping our loyal guests coming back and drawing in new guests as often as possible.

Learn more about Huddle House

You can see from our menu strategy that we understand what our brand fans like. If you’d like to hear more about the Huddle House franchise opportunity, we invite you to fill out the form. You will be provided with your own password to access the Huddle House Franchise Information Center, where you can review our financial information, read Q&As with longtime franchisees and more. We look forward to hearing from you!