Huddle House Breakfast Restaurant Franchise Excited to Continue 2017 Growth

Our swift, strategic growth is taking our breakfast restaurant franchise to exciting new places.

Sometimes iconic brands are seen as almost static, like slow-moving barges that are difficult to maneuver and keep getting blown out of the water by smaller, more nimble brands. But our 50-year-old breakfast restaurant franchise is doing anything but standing still. We’ve been opening new locations every few weeks, and our momentum is increasing.

We have more than 400 restaurants open and in development, and our plan is to open 100 more restaurants within the next five years. With new locations open from Lubbock, TX, to East Orange, NJ, we’re excited to see what the last half of 2017 brings.

“The brand is sailing on a new plane – advancing with our talented group of existing franchise partners and a new collection of owners that value how we’re evolving and see the benefits of being part of it,” says CEO Michael Abt.

Our 2017 accomplishments

We opened our first New Jersey location in early spring, and the community of East Orange embraced our Southern-branded hospitality. Huddle House is new to the Northeast, and franchise owner Dipen Desai already plans to open six more locations in that region, including two before next year.

“Huddle House is going to be part of the community in New Jersey, and we are ecstatic to be part of that driving force,” Desai says. “The food is delicious and the new restaurant design truly stands apart from the competition. Huddle House is a brand that I’m proud to introduce to East Orange and all of New Jersey.”

We’ve also opened new or remodeled locations in Owensboro, KY; Dexter, MO; Lubbock, TX; and South Boston and Bedford, VA.

What’s next in 2017

We’re evolving as a brand, embracing the updated Evolution redesign for our classic diner-style restaurants and new technology to improve both back-of-the-house efficiency and our business systems. That allows us to better serve our guests as well as our franchise owners. The more modern look for our breakfast restaurant franchises has led to a significant year-over-year same-store sales increase when franchisees remodel.

We’re holding grand re-openings for remodeled locations alongside new restaurant openings, so it’s an exciting time for our brand. We’ve been providing a go-to gathering spot for communities since 1964, and our Southern-themed diner franchise delivers with warm hospitality and delicious comfort food served up at a great value to our guests.

Over the next months, look for news about pending openings in Claxton, Forsyth and Jackson, GA; Lanham, MD; Kershaw, SC; Hempstead and Livingston, TX; Farmville and Blackstone, VA; and more.

Huddle House Waffle Maker

Many of these sites are in areas with populations so small or scattered that other brands pass them over, leaving residents with no sit-down dining option other than fast food. Huddle House strategically targets these towns for growth — because we know those communities need us, and because our brand can make a big impact there. Single- and multi-unit buyers benefit not only from the community improvements, but also the real estate costs, which tend to be lower than in larger metropolitan areas.

A Huddle House franchise can be a great investment for an owner-operator wanting to help strengthen his or her community, create jobs and provide a gathering place for celebrations, special occasions and everything in between. Because of our ability to dominate the small-town market and our flexible footprint that works in travel centers, convenience stores and hotels, Huddle House is also a favorite investment with multi-unit owners interested in opening several locations in a short time.

Learn more

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