3 Common Restaurant Franchise Problems and How We Solve Them

Huddle House restaurant franchise eases the way for franchisees with support and proven systems.

Our average store sales are growing, along with the footprint of our 400-unit restaurant franchise brand, and we’re excited about what’s next for Huddle Housein the near future. As we talk to prospective franchisees, some of them share with us their passion for, but also anxiety about, entering into the restaurant business. And yes, it can be tough, especially if you haven’t worked with restaurants before (we don’t require any industry experience to own a Huddle House franchise).

But one thing you can count on from Huddle House is our continued support. When you join our brand, you join a supportive family of other franchise owners as well as an experienced leadership team that provides coaching for everyone, from new owners to veteran franchisees. As for the restaurant business, our 50-plus years as an iconic brand have taught us a few tricks of the trade.

Aerial Shot Of Huddle House WafflesWe wouldn’t still be thriving if we hadn’t learned how to overcome some of the restaurant franchise industry’s toughest obstacles. Huddle House provides reliable franchisee support and has systems in place to allow you to run your business smoothly. Here are our solutions for three common barriers to restaurant profitability:

Preventing food waste

It happens in homes and schools, and it certainly happens at restaurants. Americans waste between 30% and 40% of our food supply, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In the restaurant industry, that can easily add up to hundreds of dollars per customer and, collectively, well over $100 billion per year.

We avoid food spoilage at our diner franchise in a few ways – both in the store and at our food distribution center. First, our comprehensive training program includes classes on proper food preparation and storage in the store. Second, we control food waste at our in-house distribution center in order to save our franchisees money on their food cost. How do we do that? We track usage to buy commodities, which means we lock in contracts at a low fixed price to purchase just the right amount of food items that our franchisees will need in the future. With the amount of volume we do, this can mean significant reduction of food waste, and saves our franchisees money.

Excellent customer service

We all know how rare it is these days to find really good customer service. Failing to prioritize your guests is to misunderstand your whole reason for being. At Huddle House, our entire concept was born out of the idea of serving a community.

We created restaurants with a homey feel where people could gather together and would always feel welcome, no matter what time of day or night. Many of our locations are open 24 hours, so there’s never any pressure to hurry up and order so employees can leave. The mantra at our corporate support center is “what will I do today to serve the needs of my Franchise Partners”, and that service mentality is carried through our system to the store level where our franchisees’ main focus is providing consistently excellent customer service to guests. Southern hospitality is an integral part of our brand identity, and our loyal guests know and feel that.

Brand awareness

Brand identity goes a long way toward boosting profitability. Starting a restaurant from scratch or even joining a new franchise can be tough. Often, you’ll see your best sales in the first month of business, but afterward, the newness wears off and guest traffic slows down. At Huddle House, we know how to use brand marketing and local store promotions to keep your traffic coming, long after those first booming weeks in business.

Huddle House has been in this business for more than half a century, so we know what it takes to keep a brand relevant over the long haul. Our brand is a household name, and with more than 400 units and a renewed emphasis on growing Huddle House throughout the country, we plan to be around for at least another 50 years. We work continuously to attract new guests and keep them coming back through our doors.

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