Most Restaurant Chains Avoid Small Towns. We Embrace Them

From supply chain logistics to experienced leadership, our winning formula has been working for Huddle House restaurants for over 50 years.

Huddle House franchise owner Hiram Griffin never let small thinking interfere with his success. During the 10 years he and his wife, Jeanne, ran their Huddle House in Nashville, GA, a town of about 4,900 people, they managed some impressive metrics, including a 79% increase in their average unit volume. So impressive that it garnered Hiram Griffin the Lifetime Achievement Award at 2016’s annual Huddle House Franchise Convention.

Our Franchise Partner of the Year for 2016, Dana Price, is based in Guntersville, AL, which has about 8,400 residents. And our Best of the Best award went to Angie and Kevin Britton of Cuba, MO, a tiny town of around 3,300.


Not at all.

Throughout our history, Huddle House has gone into towns that other franchise restaurants have rejected because it didn’t meet their minimum demographics. We actually excel in small towns, partly because that’s where we were founded but more importantly because we’ve mastered the logistics of small-town success.

Wherever our franchise candidates decide to do business in our territories, we make certain we provide them with every tool possible to help them be successful. We use sophisticated analytics provided by our vendor partner Buxton to hone in on the best sites possible, whether we’re planning to open in a rural town or a large city center. Our in-house supply chain and self-distribution system helps franchise owners keep pace with the ups and downs of consumer demand.

Value + broad menu appeal = high customer frequency

What’s good at Huddle House? What isn’t? We serve all dayparts, including late-night, and are open 24 hours in most locations. But our Southern-inspired comfort food menu is heavily populated by breakfast favorites. That’s a win for franchisees, who benefit from the higher profit margins typical of breakfast foods. It means they can pass on savings to their guests, who love the Huddle House value so much they come back again and again.

In fact, our internal research indicates that our repeat guests eat at Huddle House an average of 47 times a year..

Is Huddle House a small-town franchise?

Huddle House Smokehouse PlatterIn many ways, yes. We don’t need a massive population center to capture customers. We just need a community eager to come together for friendship and celebration. Huddle House provides a gathering space in places that might not have many options beyond fast food for sit-down dining. Arguably, we’re among the best franchises for small towns.

But truthfully, our brand of comfort food and Southern hospitality can work in towns of any size. We’re increasing our footprint into new territories, including larger suburban areas. We anticipate more growth in the months to come, particularly as we continue to revamp our older restaurants with a more modern look and feel. Just don’t look for us to ever abandon our small-town roots. After all, that’s how our brand started.

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