Huddle House Franchise Review: Sam Shah, East Stroudsburg, PA

All-day breakfast, a responsive franchise team and superior operating systems made Huddle House the perfect partner for Shah’s Pennsylvania hotel. Now, his guests are happier and he’s seeing more of them.

Sam Shah is very familiar with the basic tenets of success in the hotel business: hospitality and convenience. So when he started searching for just the right breakfast franchise for his East Stroudsburg, PA, Days Inn, it’s only natural he found himself drawn to Huddle House. All-day breakfast and superior operating systems made Huddle House the perfect partner for Shah’s Pennsylvania hotel.

It just so happened that we were looking for hotel operators to partner with, so Shah became the first hotel franchise owner to add a Huddle House on-site. If you own a hotel, adding a Huddle House franchise can provide big advantages: an on-site, branded 24-hour sit-down restaurant can drive up occupancy rates in addition to providing a second revenue stream. Shah has seen immediate results, and he couldn’t recommend the move more highly. This is his story.

Why did you choose to add Huddle House to your Days Inn?

I was looking for an around-the-clock breakfast franchise. Once I started searching, I found that Huddle House was the family restaurant I was looking for, and that it was the best restaurant franchise for hotels.

What benefits are you seeing since opening your Huddle House at your hotel?

Being in a hotel and having a restaurant is a great thing, because people in my hotel were asking me all the time where to go for a good breakfast and I was sending them away. Now I have my own franchise restaurant, everybody’s happy. Actually, my hotel business increased after opening the Huddle House. This summer, I’ve seen almost a 20% increase in my hotel business. A lot of people like to stay here because it’s very close for them to go to breakfast. Lots of regular local customers are coming here, too, especially the people who work around here. We see all kinds of people every day and they’re very happy.

How did you decide on Huddle House as opposed to another concept?

I was talking to a couple of friends of mine, and I was searching in Google, and I was looking for Denny’s. That was my other option. I tried with Denny’s, but they were not easy to get with.

How do you feel now about the decision to go with Huddle House?

Adding a Huddle House is a really, really good idea. I’m advising other people who have a hotel that this is a good franchise to have. It’s very easy to work with them. The opening store trainer was very good, an extremely good trainer, who was here for almost three or four weeks. They helped me so much. The support system is very good, and every time I pick up the phone and call anybody, they answer and help me promptly. It was a very, very good experience.

What are your plans moving forward?

I’m definitely going to open a couple more. I am planning to open another three or four Huddle Houses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Any advice for others looking to open a Huddle House?

I would tell anyone, if you open a Huddle House, don’t eat too many pancakes. You’re going to gain weight – which I did!

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