Huddle House Has Our Best Year in 15 Years

Huddle House is among the most successful small town businesses around.

Huddle House is among the most successful small town businesses around, providing a gathering place for everything from celebratory moments and after-church brunch to business meetings and date nights. It would also be the perfect place for us to have our own celebration: Our iconic brand has just closed out our best year in growth and development in 15 years.

In our most recent fiscal year, we ended the 12-month period with 36 new locations signed and under development. Of those, 22 were from eight multi-unit owners. We added new markets in 14 states, including our first in Maryland and additional growth in New Jersey, where we have one store currently open and five more under development.

We’re proud to note that a third of our new signings came from existing franchise partners who want to expand their Huddle House portfolios, which is a testament to both their current success and their belief in the future of our brand.

Why we’re a popular franchise opportunity

If you live in a small town with a population of under 10,000, you’ve likely seen big brands come along and maybe even talk to the planning commission before pulling out, like Lucy yanking the football away from Charlie Brown at the last minute. Many national restaurant franchises simply won’t go to towns that don’t meet their minimum demographic.

That’s where Huddle House comes in. We’re a business that thrives in small towns because we were founded on the idea that every community, no matter how small, needs a gathering place. Often we’re the only sit-down dining option in smaller communities besides fast-food restaurants. We provide jobs, and we help people in the community come together. As an owner-operator, you can be a hero in your own hometown.

Pitcher Of Iced Tea And A Bowl Of Lemons

We also have a lot to offer to the multi-unit investor, even those who weren’t necessarily looking for a small town franchise. Since Huddle House goes where other brands won’t, we often face limited competition, which opens up your revenue opportunities. We’re a legacy brand, founded in 1964 and still growing strong, with over 400 units nationwide. We pride ourselves on our franchisor-franchisee relationship, and we have a new real estate department that offers stronger site selection support as well as an in-house supply distribution model that drives favorable unit-level economics.

Our upgraded Evolution store design is in 53% of our restaurants, and we’re on track to increase that number to 63% by the end of calendar year 2017. Our data shows that sales at Evolution stores outperform the legacy design by more than 31.5%.

Learn more about our franchise opportunity

Successful small town businesses are essential to keeping communities vibrant and growing, and Huddle House offers the perfect small town business opportunity for the savvy investor. We’re looking for owner-operators as well as multi-unit investors. Please fill out the form to receive your personal password to access the Huddle House Franchise Information Center. There, you can review our financial information, read Q&As with longtime franchisees and more. We look forward to hearing from you!