How Our Supply Chain Helps Ensure Consistency and Keep Costs Down

Our family restaurant franchise is a recognizable brand that inspires guest loyalty and puts franchisees first.

When you think of Huddle House, certain things come to mind. Yes, we’re a family restaurant franchise that’s been around for a half-century. We’re known for our Southern hospitality, our “Any Meal. Any Time.” philosophy and our menu of classic comfort food served in generous portions at a value price.

Customers Enjoying Their Food At Huddle House

We’re also a restaurant franchise that puts the focus on our franchisees. Your ROI is important to us, so while we value guest service above all, we know it comes down to making sure you can be successful as a franchise owner. Providing great value to the guest isn’t a great value to the franchisee unless the franchisor knows how to keep costs down. Enter our in-house supply chain.

Keeping food costs down at our breakfast diner franchise

Americans waste a big chunk of our food supply, up to $100 billion per year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

There are ways to mitigate waste in our business, such as portioning, but as a brand known for generous helpings of delicious comfort food, we simply don’t believe in skimping. Two ways we keep waste in check are by hedge-buying on commodities and using our in-house supply chain to our advantage.

For instance, bulk-buying supplies is much more efficient when it comes to Limited Time Offers (LTOs) that require special ingredients, says Executive Chef Jenn Townsend.

Jenn Townsend Executive Chef Of Huddle House“If the franchise partners tell us ‘Hey, there’s no way we could go through four gallons of sauce for this LTO, but we can go through one gallon,’ then we can break up cases and send a gallon of sauce to four different franchisees,” Townsend says. “It saves them money because they don’t have the waste on the back end.”

In-house supply helps even out demand

With our self-distribution system, Huddle House can help smooth out those ups and downs that naturally occur with commodities. In the past year we began distributing produce, making it easier on our franchisees nationwide.

“We can group-buy for our franchisees and ship things out in their needed volumes, and that helps protect their profit margins,” says Townsend. “We’re getting hedge pricing on eggs or tomatoes, and if something happens to those commodities because of flood or drought, we’ve got the relationships built-in to protect those quantities. It’s a great advantage.”

Our guests expect the same deliciously crispy golden waffle at every Huddle House. They want the gravy on their country-fried steak platter to taste the same, no matter what part of the country they’re in. Keeping flavors consistent and prices affordable keeps our guests coming back for more, and our systems for delivering that consistency are designed to keep our franchisees’ costs down and profit margins up.

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Huddle House is steadily growing our 400-unit chain across the nation, and we’re looking for passionate, driven franchisees to join us. If you’re interested in our franchise opportunity, please fill out the form. You’ll receive a password for our proprietary Franchise Information Center, where you can learn more in-depth information about our financial picture, read interviews with longtime franchisees, glean tips about running a successful franchise, and more.