5 Cities Where We're Growing Our Presence

We fit in small towns and urban areas and have territory availability, making us one of the most popular franchise opportunities around.

Huddle House started out small, but we’ve got big plans for the future. That means our iconic brand, in business for more than 50 years, is constantly reassessing our strategy and looking ahead to what’s next. We want to maintain the same values we’ve been true to for over half a century, but be nimble enough to be one of the most popular franchise opportunities for all kinds of investors.

We often get outside validation that we’re headed in the right direction, like when we were named to the Franchise Gator Top 100 earlier this year, and when we unveiled a modern, updated design for our stores that really resonated with our guests.

front of store

In fact, sales in our Evolution redesigned stores outperformed our non-Evolution locations by more than 27% systemwide. We’re playing the long game, and to that end we’ve got our next key markets identified. Here are five of the markets we think are ideal for our franchise:

  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX
  • Nashville, TN
  • Orlando, FL
  • Pittsburgh, PA

See what’s happening now

If you’ve always thought of Huddle House as a small town franchise, the size of these markets may surprise you. It may also surprise you to see how Huddle House has changed with the times, making our franchise more scalable and suitable for more markets than ever before.

Gathering spots are just as important for neighborhoods in urban markets as they are in smaller towns where there aren’t many options. We’re expanding into geographic areas that are completely new to our brand, like New Jersey, and that creates more market opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Our strategy calls for smart, controlled growth, adding 100 units over the next four years, including 25 locations being opened in 2017. We’re looking for people interested in improving their small towns by adding a full-service restaurant that serves “Any Meal. Any Time.” as well as entrepreneurs looking for a savvy multi-unit investment opportunity.

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