Huddle House Featured in Food & Drink International Magazine

From comfort food to comforting service, Huddle House’s cornerstones for success are highlighted in Food & Drink International Magazine.

Image Of Food And Drink International Magazine With Huddle House Internview

The Spring 2016 issue of Food & Drink International magazine features an article on our breakfast franchise that puts the spotlight on the reasons we’re able to grow the Huddle House empire while staying true to our five-decade-long roots.

In the article, writer Chris Petersen quotes Huddle House CEO Michael Abt on the simple secret to our longevity, and the success of the company’s remodeling program for older restaurants:

“ ‘I would say the [concept] is a warm, friendly, inviting 24-hour any meal served all-day concept that is an integral part of the community and is generally owner-operated,’ ” Abt told the magazine…

“Although being in business for more than 50 years speaks to the timelessness of Huddle House’s core concept, there comes a point at which longevity can work against a restaurant chain unless it is proactive. ‘One of the primary challenges that we’ve addressed over the last three years has been our older facilities,’ Abt says.

“With many of the chain’s restaurants housed in older buildings, Abt says Huddle House understood that it needed to keep them updated or else they would eventually have a negative impact on guests’ perception of the brand. That’s why Huddle House introduced an incentive program to encourage its franchise partners to remodel their locations and bring them in line with the company’s modern concept. Abt says franchise partners receive a $20,000 cash incentive once their restaurants are remodeled, along with another $5,000 earmarked for local marketing efforts.

“Abt says the remodeling initiative already has been a big success, with remodeled locations reporting same-store sales increases of approximately 14 percent. Huddle House will end the fiscal year with nearly 40 percent of its locations having been remodeled, and by the end of the next fiscal year Abt says more than half of its stores will have been remodeled. The company reports that its franchise partners are seeing their remodeling efforts recoup their expenditures within two years.”

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