Huddle House Breakfast Franchise Shares Remodel Success Story With NRA Show 2016, Nation's Restaurant News

Breakfast franchise led the way for franchisees with company-owned restaurants.

Our efforts to update the signature look captured the attention of conference-goers recently at the 2016 NRA (National Restaurant Association Show) during a presentation by Huddle House CEO Michael Abt.

Jonathan Maze, who writes a blog called On the Margin for Nation’s Restaurant News, posted his

How Huddle House got operators to remodel: A few years ago, Huddle House was a 50-year-old brand with numerous restaurants that hadn’t been spruced up in decades. That made the chain “irrelevant” with younger consumers, CEO Michael Abt said during the NRA Show.

“We needed to become more relevant,” Abt said.

The company decided it needed to remodel. But it also had to convince operators to fix up their locations.

To do this, it proved the remodel with company-owned locations so it could show operators that fixed-up restaurants generate more sales.

Yet that wasn’t the only thing the company did to convince operators to remodel. It put “skin in the game,” Abt said, by literally paying operators to remodel locations.

“Once operators completed a remodel, we sent then a $20,000 check,” Abt said. “And then we spent $5,000 on local store marketing.”

It worked. Operators remodeled units. And the company ended up paying out a total of $1.8 million.

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Huddle House continues to innovate while staying true to what has made us a great breakfast franchise that customers crave. Guests know they can count on Southern hospitality and a Southern-influenced menu, along with any meal served any time of day.

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