Why Big QSRs are After Breakfast Customers and What It Means For Huddle House

America’s breakfast franchise serves the most important meal of the day 24/7.

Over big plates of waffles and eggs and bacon at fictional JJ’s Diner, “Parks and Recreation”’s Leslie Knope opines to her boss Ron Swanson, “Why would anyone ever eat anything besides breakfast food?” Ron agrees: “People are idiots, Leslie.”

The QSR industry might be ready to bow to the wisdom of Ron Swanson.

According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2015 Restaurant Industry Forecast, 70% of consumers surveyed said they’d prefer it if restaurants offered breakfast all day, and millennials are more interested in breakfast for dinner than any other age group.

While fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s and Taco Bell have turned to breakfast in the last few years to try to jump start their same-store sales, Huddle House has had this market nailed down for five decades.

We may not offer the fictional JJ’s Diner’s “Four Horse-Meals of the Egg-Pork-alypse” (a twelve-egg scramble, bacon, sausage, ham, hashbrowns, chicken-fried steak, plus a giant tower of buttermilk pancakes),but we come close with a plate like the Country Fried Steak Stuffed Hashbrowns (big country fried steak with two scrambled eggs and American cheese stuffed between layers of crispy, golden hashbrowns topped with country sausage gravy and buttery toast on the side) — all of which is served up with a heaping helping of small town hospitality, whether we’re waiting on customers in Georgia, Nebraska or Indiana. It’s an ambiance customers can’t get at a QSR.

Our specialty is small markets, where the staff gets to know the regulars by name. There are no tinny drive-thru speakers and bored teenagers listlessly handing over bags of pre-made food. Huddle House’s down-home atmosphere is a big draw for repeat business. And there’s no frustration. If a customer wants a Southern Smothered Biscuit Platter at 3 in the afternoon, they can get it. If they want a Huddle Burger at 6 a.m., that’s fine, too. One of our mottos is “Any Meal. Any Time.” It just so happens that a lot of people want a lot of breakfast at a lot of different hours.

Stuffed HashbrownsAs for the rising popularity of breakfast nationwide, the National Restaurant Association notes that the changing eating habits of millennials is affecting how QSRs do business. “Young people don’t see or want the traditional daypart boundaries and their purchasing choices are having a significant influence on menus in every segment,” the Association’s website says.

Breakfast foods generally have a lower cost of goods for restaurant owners, which makes it easier to maintain profit margins. Since about 60% of sales come from our breakfast menu, the numbers work in favor of franchisees’ bottom line.

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