How Huddle House Makes Small Market Restaurants Successful

Huddle House is a big amenity for small towns.

If you grew up in a small town, you probably remember what it was like every time there was even a whiff of a rumor that a big-time restaurant might be coming. The excitement. The hope. The feeling that it must be too good to be true. The dashed hopes when it passed your town by.

A lot of restaurant franchises have trouble making their concepts work in small towns. Many chains follow a specific footprint that automatically shuts out the little guys, anyone whose population doesn’t meet a certain benchmark. Huddle House looks at things a bit differently. We know that when you provide a small town with a gathering place for the whole community, neighbors will come from all around, and they’ll make it their home-away-from-home.

We understand that every community needs that gathering spot, a place to rehash the evening’s events over a cup of coffee or a spot to squeeze together four or five tables to celebrate your Little League team’s big win with heaping plates of comfort food. It’s no accident that Huddle House provides just that, and that our concept works successfully in small towns. That is, after all, how our restaurant was started some 50 years ago.

Our founder wanted to build a restaurant where a local football team could huddle up and celebrate that winning touchdown, and so he did — and an iconic breakfast franchise was born. We love the sense of community that comes from living in a small town, and we love how they embrace Huddle House. We have modern touches like our updated design but we also cling close to our roots. Huddle House is a place where you can hear something good sizzling on the griddle, you can count on a bottomless cup of coffee with a smile and you can order breakfast or any other home-style meal any time of day. Our motto is “Any Meal. Any Time.”

We flock to the places that some chains mistakenly overlook. In some of our markets, we’re the only sit-down option outside of fast food, and our customers truly appreciate that. We’ve got 400-plus restaurants open or under development across the U.S., and we’re making inroads into areas that offer a great deal of untapped potential for franchisees, such as Texas, the Midwest and the Northeast. Our investment opportunity appeals to everyone from single-unit owners who want the satisfaction of bringing jobs and a gathering place to their hometowns to empire-builders who create mini-chains of Huddle Houses.

The Executive Team in Atlanta offers a lot of support and training, helping every investor learn how to build a business that can thrive. We’ll travel to your town and help you scout out the perfect location. We’ll share our list of lenders who are familiar with our brand and interested in talking to new investors. Depending on whether or not you plan to run your restaurant yourself, we’ll put you and your managers through a thorough 2- to 9-week training program to teach you all the ins and outs of running a Huddle House restaurant. We offer marketing assistance, support from fellow franchisees and ongoing coaching. Candidates need a minimum net worth of $600,000, liquid assets of $200,000 and can expect an investment range of $404,180 to $1,485,310. Options for leasing or build-your-own are available.

The Huddle House franchise opportunity

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