Franchisees Deserve Hospitality, Too

How our responsive Huddle House leadership team stands out.

Every worthy brand has its “wow!” moments — or “aha!” moments, as Oprah rebranded them — that let you know you’re doing things right. At Huddle House, we get that exclamation-point feeling whenever a franchise candidate compliments us on our responsiveness.

It’s baffling to us that there are still franchise brands who are slow responding to candidates’ questions, if they respond to them at all.

Huddle House Grits And Eggs“We’ve talked to a number of candidates who walked away from one brand in our segment because of the difficulty of working through the process. What we’re hearing is that they’re just not responsive,” says Christina Chambers, Vice President of Franchise Development. “At Huddle House, we pride ourselves on responding quickly and on being open.”

Huddle House’s growth has been powered by a simple recognition: When you welcome people, treat them with respect, and give them what they want when they want it, they tend to want to do business with you. That’s just as true for franchise candidates as it is for customers.

“People can’t believe how different we are from that perspective,” Chambers says. “They get to talk to our CEO, our Chief Operations Officer, our Chief Marketing Officer, and meet them face-to-face and have dinner with them. That kind of openness and support from our Executive Team is a huge, huge plus. We recently met a candidate who had 11 units with a large multi-national burger franchise who was looking into the Huddle House investment, and he was blown away. He told us he loves that our management team has so many years of franchise operations experience and that they are so focused on franchisee profitability.”

What franchisees say about support and communication

Gregg Hansen, our top multi-unit owner with 20 Huddle House franchises open or under development, told “Entrepreneur” magazine last year that our Executive Team has helped him reach his business goals by anticipating challenges and helping him navigate those along the way.

“I want to be an independent owner of my business and be in charge of my own success and utilize my strengths,” he told the magazine. “But I don’t want to recreate the wheel. Franchising is a perfect way to do that.”

Just as customers have come to rely on the Huddle House brand of Southern hospitality since we first opened in 1964, franchisees have come to expect above-and-beyond support from our corporate team, both during the development phase and continuing long after they’re well established.

“From my experience, Huddle House seems to have the highest level of contact with their franchisees,” says franchisee Mark Little of Tupelo, Mississippi. “They have franchise area directors who work with 50-60 stores in a region. They are the prime point of contact. We get to see them a lot. They might not always tell you what you want to hear, but the store-level contact can be of great help.”

That kind of hospitality on both sides of the business model will help propel our growth for years to come.

Join our Huddle House family

We currently have 400 of our iconic breakfast franchises open or under development in 21 states, serving up Southern-inspired comfort food as well as top-notch franchisee support. Many choice territories are still available. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a single- or multi-unit franchisee, please explore our research pages, or fill out the form to download our free franchise report and speak with a very responsive development representative.