Why Breakfast Franchises Are Great

Americans love to have breakfast together, and Huddle House has been bringing Americans together for 51 years.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, breakfast is one of the only times American families can gather around a table and enjoy each other’s company. Huddle House has been serving breakfast to American families for 51 years, and our breakfast franchise owners know firsthand the importance of how an affordable meal can bring a family together.

Huddle House is first and foremost a great breakfast place. Best of all, Huddle House is open 24 hours, and our motto is “Any Meal. Any Time.” Customers love that they can have steak and eggs at 5 a.m., biscuits and gravy at 2 in the afternoon or tuck into a waffle at dinnertime.

Our breakfast franchise owners love that breakfast typically constitutes about 60% of sales, and breakfast food costs are lower on average than non-breakfast food costs, according to industry and internal Huddle House data. That means a higher profit margin for owners.

Huddle House is a breakfast franchise that brings families together

We are a 50-year-old breakfast franchise that fills an important role in communities. Our locations are gathering spots where people celebrate the important milestones in their lives, whether that means a Little League victory or a Sunday brunch with the whole family.

Community building was the inspiration for Huddle House from the very beginning. When John Sparks, the founder of the Huddle House chain, built the first Huddle House in 1964 in Decatur, Georgia, he saw a group of boys at his restaurant after football practice “huddling up” — talking and laughing together. The image gave our breakfast franchise its name and its mission.

We continue our tradition of bringing families together today. People know our Southern hospitality far and wide, and our customer service doesn’t end when our customers pick up their check. Our breakfast franchise owners make it a point to give back to their communities:

“We pick different businesses once a week where we take sausage and biscuits to them, or a cake or a pie,” says Rance Reese, a franchisee with two Huddle House locations in Georgia. “We just show up and try to make their day.” Other franchisees sponsor local sports teams or find other ways to invest in their communities.

Huddle House is rapidly growing across the country

Huddle House Waffle PlatterWith more than 400 restaurants open and under development, the 51-year old franchise is growing well beyond its original core market in the Southeast and into markets in the Midwest and Northeast. Throughout the first eight months of 2015, the Huddle House franchise signed 23 new franchise locations across 10 states.

In fact, we’re growing so quickly that we recently expanded our franchise development staff to support an aggressive growth campaign designed to significantly increase the number of our locations over the next three years.

The core values on which Huddle House was founded — serving quality food in a warm, friendly environment that brings the community together — remain intact today and will reach many more communities in the years to come.

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