Fox Business Highlights Huddle House, An American Success Story

CEO of an iconic breakfast franchise shares the brand’s recipe for continued success after 50 years in business.

Fox Business recently highlighted our 51-year old iconic brand in a television segment and print article, both entitled “An American Success Story.”

Huddle House In The News

What started with one location by Huddle House founder John Sparks in 1964 has blossomed into 400 restaurants open or in development across the nation — all with huge positive impact on their communities. The Fox article lavishes praise on our brand’s longevity and our ability to weather the Great Recession of 2008.

“We’re growing every year,” says Michael Abt, CEO of Huddle House. “Same-store sales have been positive for 21 straight months, and we are increasing both the number of transactions and the frequency of customer visits.”

We’re growing quickly across the nation

The article points out that we’re in the midst of an expansion into new markets, including Virginia and New Jersey. We’ve hired franchise sales staff to support an aggressive development campaign over the next three years.

We plan to open an additional 100 restaurants, and we’re growing well beyond our original core market in the Southeast and into markets in the West, Midwest, and Northeast. Through the first nine months of last year, the Huddle House breakfast franchise signed 18 new franchises and two new multi-unit deals for a total of more than 30 restaurants.

We make sure you’ve got everything you need to be successful

Fox Business highlights how we set our breakfast franchise owners up for success and how our franchisee training program is instrumental in our growth.

“We send five trainers to the restaurant two weeks before opening,” Michael says. “They help hire and train team members. Prior to that, we train the franchise partner or key operator in a five-week management program. We keep trainers in the restaurant for a week after opening … to help to ensure success of new opening.”

Our Huddle House core values — serving quality food in a warm, friendly environment that brings the community together — remain intact today. The article concludes with a few short words of wisdom for those looking at going into business for themselves:

“Do your research… see what’s happening with consumer trends,” Michael says. “What’s hot today may not be in five years.”

But because our iconic brand is celebrating more than 50 years of making people happy across the country by serving delicious and affordable food, you can count on us remaining a hot brand for as long as American families enjoy eating together.

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