Three Reasons Why the Huddle House Franchise is a Good Investment

Huddle House franchise serves breakfast food around the clock, raking in more revenue and reaping higher profit margins.

Huddle House Grits And Eggs BreakfastNo other restaurant franchise has the unique incentives investors offered by a Huddle House franchise. Few restaurants serve all menus during all dayparts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And though many serve breakfast to increase profit margins, they don’t serve outside morning hours. We do. And always have for the past 51 years.

The 24-hour, Southern-inspired family restaurant franchise is known for serving affordable, unapologetically homestyle food in a warm, friendly environment. Huddle House locations are often beloved gathering places in their communities, places where residents and travelers can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner any time of the day or night. With more than 400 restaurants open and under development, the 51-year old franchise is growing well beyond its original core market in the Southeast and into markets in the Midwest and Northeast.

1. Breakfast foods are popular in all segments and generate higher margins

About 60 percent of our sales come from the breakfast menu, no matter the time of day. That translates into better returns for our franchisees because breakfast food carries the highest profit margins of all the menu selections. Plus, our restaurants stand out. While there are dozens of places to pick up a sub sandwich for lunch, a consistently great breakfast is hard to find in many markets. We offer them, 24 hours a day, seven days a week as part of our “Any Meal. Any Time” philosophy.

“This is important because breakfast foods cost the franchisee less and typically have a higher profit margin than other dayparts,” says CEO Michael Abt.

2. 24-hour restaurants maximize rental and land costs

Few restaurants are open past 10 p.m., much less all night. Huddle House is open 24 hours and expects a hungry crowd chomping at the bit for a full-course meal, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. While other restaurants are closed (and therefore not making any sales), Huddle House keeps its doors open to maximize rental and land costs. This means about eight hours for earning revenue that other restaurants don’t have.

3. Comfort food shows no sign of going away

Americans love comfort food. The Huddle House franchise has a 51-year history of serving up comfort food in a friendly environment. Our long track record of service has earned us trust and loyalty in hundreds of communities across the nation.

“Americans have a unique love affair with comfort food. That’s our specialty,” Michael says. “People love the kinds of meals we serve, starting off with traditional breakfast foods such as cooked-to-order eggs, crisp bacon, country ham, buttery waffles, grits, and biscuits with sausage gravy. Huddle House understands America’s love for hearty, stick-to-your ribs food. We go way beyond breakfast food, with a full-service menu that includes a wide assortment of popular lunch and dinner items — BLTs, burgers, fries, and shakes; regional favorites like country-fried steak; and classics like ribeye steak and potatoes.”

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