5 Reasons to Join the Huddle House Franchise

Repeat customers dine at the iconic breakfast franchise an average of 47 times a year

The Huddle House franchise has a 50-year track record of service that has earned the trust and loyalty of hundreds of communities across the nation. Our franchisees — and there are hundreds of them — love us, too. They’re proud of providing jobs in their communities. They feel great about serving hearty, affordable meals to their friends and neighbors. Their dedication is what brings customers coming back, time after time. Here are five reasons why there’s never been a better time to buy a Huddle House franchise.

Lower investment, higher return

With less competition for the breakfast dollar, the Huddle House breakfast franchise has ’em knocking down our door. Our franchisees can generally count on about 60% of their sales coming from breakfast items, and since breakfast food costs are lower than other meal segments, that means higher profit margins. Our total investment ranges from $397,660 to $1,421,310, which compares very favorably both to other breakfast franchises and to the restaurant industry overall.

Our new store design is making waves

The colorful Evolution design evokes the classic American diner in an exciting modern context. You know what else is exciting? How the restaurant redesigns have led to dramatic increases in revenues in same-store sales. The core Huddle House franchise values remain, but the fresh new look is drawing in more customers.

The look features an iconic open kitchen that encourages more interaction with our guests. It also features a signature tower entrance and an interior with contemporary colors and plush seating. We anticipate more than 90% of our units to feature the design by 2018.

Great for multi-unit and investor owners

The Huddle House franchise is a worthy brand that lets franchisees invest back into the communities they serve. The impact of creating an average of 50 jobs in the small markets where we thrive is noticeable, and our investors have the satisfaction of knowing they can explore the potential for a high rate of return on an accessible investment.

The Huddle House business model works as well for a single-unit owner who is passionate about creating a gathering space and improving his or her hometown as it does for a multi-unit investor who envisions the potential of opening and operating a string of Huddle House restaurants throughout a region.

High customer retention and frequency

How much do customers love Huddle House? So much that they keep coming back, not just week after week but sometimes twice in the same day. We’re proud of our high customer retention and frequency — our repeat customers eat at Huddle House an average of 47 times a year and spend an average of $1,055.

Some of our best market are small markets

Some of the best Huddle House franchise markets are small markets with populations as small as 10,000. Although Huddle House works well in large urban markets — we recently announced a deal to add more than 15 restaurants in New York and New Jersey — we thrive in places like De Soto, Missouri, where residents are hungry for a place to gather and celebrate the milestones in their lives. When other restaurants dismiss these little markets, Huddle House wins big.

Learn more about Huddle House franchise opportunities

Are you as passionate about customer service as we are? You don’t have to have restaurant experience to make a good franchise owner; you just have to embrace our mission. Our Sandy Springs, Georgia-based breakfast franchise has more than 400 locations open and under development across the country, and our goal is to open another 175 in the next five years. A Huddle House franchise is perfect for both single-unit and multi-unit investors in a range of market sizes, including urban areas, small towns, travel centers and convenience sites. Huddle House offers incentives for adding more units, including discounts on remodeling existing stores.

Learn More

If you want to learn more about how our 50-year-old legacy brand is growing, please explore our research pages and read franchisee interviews and exciting developments on our blog. You can also fill out this form to download our free franchising report. We’d love to hear from you!