Nation's Restaurant News Interviews Huddle House Chief Marketing Officer

Huddle House CMO reveals the iconic breakfast franchise’s plans for 50th anniversary revamp

During a roadtrip, a staff writer for Nation’s Restaurant News was happy to discover that the breakfast franchise he loved in his youth had a chic new look and an attractive, updated menu. The writer was so enamored with the new version of Huddle House that he reached out to Alison Delaney, our CMO, to find out how we did it.

In the interview, Alison explains the reasons behind our remodeling campaign, our new menu, and why, after 50 years of franchising, the future of our breakfast franchise is brighter than ever.

Our brand’s future is positive, Alison says, because after 50 years we still make families happy in every community that we’re in.

“Huddle House is a comfortable, local place for everyday people who want homestyle food. Our menu is Southern-inspired,” Alison says in the interview. “We excel in breakfast foods and are that place where you can get an indulgent, hearty breakfast any time of the day or night. In addition you can also get burgers, sandwiches, and homestyle dinners, also at any time. We like to say “Any Meal. Any Time.” But what really makes us different, and we think exceptional, is that we have become part of the local community. Our wait staff knows our guests’ names and greets them when they walk in the door. We know how they want their eggs and how they take their coffee. Huddle House is really the local gathering place in the communities they serve.”

Bright future for the breakfast franchise

With more than 400 breakfast franchise restaurants open and under development, our 50-year old brand is growing well beyond our original core market in the Southeast and into markets in the West, Midwest, and Northeast. The expansion is gaining momentum as a result of our “Evolution,” remodeling campaign, which is giving us a modern look and feel as we enter a new era for our iconic brand.

“I can honestly say that the sales lift we’re getting is truly phenomenal,” Alison says of the remodeling campaign. “We are three years into our remodeling effort and have lots of data. Not only do our remodeled restaurants experience a tremendous surge once they’re open, we hold on to those increases throughout the first year and into the years beyond. In other words, for the most part, we don’t give back the initial sales generated based on the tremendous interest in the refurbished facility.”

The writer was also impressed by our new menu, and our new Limited Time Offerings have been a hit. Alison describes our Stuffed Hash Browns in a mouthwatering fashion:

“Picture this: a combination of sizzling smokehouse bacon, country sausage, eggs prepared just the way you like them, and American cheese, stuffed between two layers of crispy, golden hash browns, then ladled with country sausage gravy,” she says in the article. “We have several other varieties, and they’ve become so popular that we’re moving this to our core menu in a short while.”

50th anniversary has reinvigorated Huddle House

Alison says that all of the wonderful developments happening as part of the 50th anniversary of Huddle House are meant to reinvigorate the brand for our breakfast franchise owners, their employees, and their customers — who have come to rely on our restaurants for their favorite meal.

“We took a comprehensive view of how this landmark achievement could open the door to engage guests, attract franchise owners, upgrade facilities, build employee pride, and so much more,” Alison says in the article. “Huddle House had a systemwide approach to deliver that tremendous and sustaining surge I talked about with our guests and deliver it to all aspects of the business.”

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