From Single-Unit Owners to Multi-Unit Investors, Huddle House Franchise Owners Find Satisfaction

Huddle House franchisees value brand for support and training, strong business model, meal choices.

When you join the Huddle House franchise family, you go through a validation process, during which you talk to other franchise owners. Owners are on the front lines (often even on the cooking lines), and they can tell you first-hand what it is they love about being a part of an iconic American restaurant brand.

Here are some examples of what our owners say about why they love running a Huddle House franchise.

Mark Little And Family, A Franchisee

Mark Little of Tupelo, Mississippi

Mark Little and his 82-year-old father, Taft, are co-owners of a small business empire in Tennessee and Mississippi that includes more than a dozen Huddle Houses, plus a successful wholesale oils and lubricant company.

“From my experience, Huddle House seems to have the highest level of contact with their franchisees,” Mark says. “They have franchise area directors who work with 50-60 stores in a region. They are the prime point of contact. We get to see them a lot. They might not always tell you what you want to hear, but the store-level contact can be of great help. I think Michael Abt, the new CEO, has made a lot of good moves. It’s almost an entirely new team at the top, and I view that as a plus. Huddle House is really headed in a very positive direction.”

Hiram and Jeanne Griffin of Nashville, Georgia

Hiram And Jeanne Huddle House Franchisees

Hiram and Jeanne Griffin met on a blind date at Huddle House. Ten years later, the couple oversees that same breakfast franchise together. Their restaurant has grown into one of the most successful individual franchises in the lower Southeast. Hiram works full-time at the restaurant and does everything from making waffles to talking to customers to busing tables. Jeanne, a fourth-grade teacher, jumps in to help on the weekends.

“Every day is different at Huddle House,” Hiram says. “It’s not just eggs, bacon and cooking. It’s really about the people. I love to see a customer smile after enjoying a good meal. When you get compliments on your food, on your good service and the cleanliness of your restaurant, it feels really, really good.

“Huddle House is a great opportunity, and it’s getting better,” Hiram adds. “We have a new president of the company, and we’re now seeing opportunities I’ve never seen before from Huddle House Inc. It’s like being reborn.”

John Roper of Montevallo, Alabama

John Roper, Huddle House Franchisee

John Roper says he missed his calling early in life. He’s served in the military, managed a team of firefighters and owned his own flooring company, but nine years ago he opened a Huddle House 24-hour restaurant franchise in Montevallo, Alabama. He now runs the family Huddle House franchise business with the help of his son, Jeff.

“It’s a very good business, profitwise, if the attention is paid to the whole operation,” John says. “You turn your back on it, and it will suffer. Huddle House has good systems to help you track and manage your business. I think the Huddle House system is very good, and I’m proud to be a franchisee.

“Over the years I’ve seen a lot of changes, and I think right now it is evolving into an even better system,” John adds. “As far as what I would say to somebody thinking about it — if you love people and will provide good service, good food, a good experience, and if you are willing to pay a lot of attention to detail for every aspect of the business, it’s very satisfying. If you have a great work ethic, you can generate great sales. When I first opened my first one, I had ideas of opening five of them. But at my age now, and doing so well with the one I’ve got, I don’t feel the need to jump into another one. I feel financially secure, and I’m doing good for my family.”

Rance Reese of Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia

Rance Reese, Huddle House Franchisee

Rance Reese, a Huddle House franchisee since 2004, owns restaurants in Clarkesville and Cleveland, Georgia, on the cusp of the Smoky Mountains. Reese brought a wealth of restaurant experience to Huddle House, having spent 13 years at the corporate offices of Shoney’s®, where he traveled the country supporting franchisees.

“For me it has been very rewarding on the profit side, and when customers come in and tell you how great their meal was. It’s also rewarding to see your employees grow,” Rance says. “When you come in and the first thing that happens is an employee comes up and hugs you; or you see a customer at the grocery store talking about the great experience they had last night when the employees took care of them — then you get to tell your employees that Mr. and Mrs. Smith said they had a great time. You get to see your employees beam from ear to ear.”

Rance also praises the Huddle House franchise support and training system.
“People come down from corporate to work with you in your restaurant, which is so helpful,” he says. “They can give you insight into your business and helpful hints, and it’s the smallest little things that can be very helpful to you.

“Huddle House also has its own food distribution center, and they only supply Huddle House franchises,” Rance adds. “When a restaurant has to deal with an outside supplier, sometimes they won’t care as much about quality or delivering a consistent product. Or they’ll run out of things. That doesn’t happen with Huddle House.”

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