New Store Design Keeps Diner Franchise Brand Fresh After 50 Years

Huddle House diner franchise updates along the way to rejuvenate the brand.

The year 1964 was a watershed year for America. It was the year the Civil Rights Act was signed into law, The Beatles invaded the hearts of teenage girls across the U.S. and Huddle House diner franchise was born.

Restaurateur John Sparks saw a group of boys hanging out after football practice in Decatur, GA, one evening in 1964. They were talking and laughing; one boy was holding his helmet in one hand and a football in the other. It looked for all the world as if the boys were huddling up. Lightning struck: Huddle House would be the perfect name for his restaurant chain. John knew it could be the perfect spot for people to gather — to huddle up — for good food and good times, after Friday night football games, for Sunday brunch after church or anytime. It was a great idea, and the concept took off.

It’s a concept that’s still going strong — and growing strong — today.

Not many franchises can claim this kind of longevity. We’re proud of our half-century in business, proud that our iconic brand continues growing today without growing stale. We’ve improved and refined over the years without ever losing sight of the core values that make Huddle House so unique: our Southern hospitality, our familiar comfort food and our ability to become an important part of the communities we serve.

Our updated Evolution design gives existing restaurants a new, modern look and positions new restaurants to appeal to a whole new generation of customers. This year, we created a supporting 50th anniversary logo that tells the world how long Huddle House diner franchise has been a great place to “huddle in, huddle up and huddle happy.”

A brand can’t stay in business that long without doing things right. For Huddle House, a big part of that is making sure we do everything we can to support our franchisees. If our franchise partners succeed, we succeed. “People come down from corporate to work with you in your restaurant, which is so helpful,” says Rance Reese, a former Shoney’s executive who now owns two Huddle House restaurants in Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia. “They can give you insight into your business and helpful hints, and it’s the smallest little things that can be very helpful to you. I see folks from corporate about once a month.”

We also have a five-decade tradition of serving up classic comfort food at a very affordable price. Customers can count on a great meal for less than $8, $6, even $5. It’s been our strategy to keep prices low to curry repeat business, because that drives revenues.

Our value proposition for investors is also good. We can offer deals to the single-unit buyer who wants to anchor his community with a classic American diner, and we can provide incentives for people to purchase multiple restaurants in a variety of markets. Simple strategies like these have kept our business going for 50 years. There’s a good chance we’ll still be going in 50 more.

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