Huddle House Diner Franchise Expands into New York and New Jersey

Expansion deal will bring 16 diner franchises to the area.

People in the Northeast can typically find just about any kind of cuisine their hearts desire. At Huddle House, we plan to introduce them to a new favorite: a diner franchise with a decidedly Southern flair.

In our first foray into the Northeast, we’ve signed franchise agreements with two experienced multi-unit investors to build 10 Huddle House diner franchises in Long Island and the surrounding area and 6 in each of the northernmost counties of New Jersey. While Huddle House has previously extended only as far as West Virginia and Pennsylvania, the Northeast is a perfect fit for our iconic diners.

“If you think about it, there’s already a diner culture there,” says Jonathan Benjamin, Chief Development Officer for Huddle House. “Huddle House represents something new and innovative with a bit of Southern flair. Bacon and eggs you can get anywhere, but the biscuits and gravy are just not everyday menu items you’ll find in the Northeast. That’s a bit of a draw, along with the small footprint and ease of operation.”

Most Huddle House diners are open 24 hours a day, which dovetails well with the diner tradition in the Northeast. The diner franchise serves up any meal, any time, with offerings that include fluffy omelets, golden waffles, grits, hash browns and the aforementioned biscuits and gravy. The menu is rounded out with classics like burgers, fries, hand-dipped milkshakes and Southern favorites such as country-fried steak and country ham.

Burger And Fries

The bold reds and oranges of our new Evolution redesign puts a modern spin on the classic neighborhood diner. The restaurants feature open kitchens that promote more interaction between guests and the staff. The mix of booths and tables can be reconfigured to accommodate various groups. Just as Huddle House staffers will extend our particular brand of Southern hospitality to every guest who walks through our doors, Jonathan anticipates a warm welcome in return.

“I don’t think people anywhere in the country appreciate a broader variety of food than Northeasterners,” he says. “They like having a variety of options, and the Southern menu at Huddle House will tickle their taste buds. It’s a bit of a novelty compared to what you can get at a regular diner there. You can get all of that at Huddle House, plus more.”

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Huddle House diner franchise is perfect for both the single-unit and multi-unit investors in a range of market sizes, including urban areas, small towns, travel centers and convenience sites. Huddle House offers incentives for adding additional units, including discounts on remodeling existing stores.

Typically open 24 hours, Huddle House serves any meal, anytime. If you think Huddle House might be the right franchise opportunity for you, please fill out this form to download our free franchising report, check out our research pages or call us at (770) 626-7286. We’d love to hear from you