How Huddle House Breakfast Franchise is Already Ahead of Food Trends for 2014

Breakfast franchise is classic brand that has long embraced emerging concepts.

Americans love breakfast, and it’s a great time to be in the breakfast franchise industry. Especially if your brand embodies food movements that are trending right now. Yes, Huddle House has been around for 50 years. But we’ve learned to be flexible and adapt to keep up with what customers want.

Make no mistake: Huddle House has hung onto the things people have always loved about us. We’re still that place where you can get together with family or friends or bring the basketball team after a great game to celebrate with milkshakes. We’re still that place where you can get great waffles and eggs, any time of the day or night. And we’re still that place where you can always count on a friendly greeting and a never-ending cup of coffee.

Still, it’s fun to be a classic brand that’s also on the leading edge of food trends. Based on some predictions for 2014 by Restaurant News as well as The Food Channel, it’s nice to see ahead of the curve on so many items. As part of its trend report, The Food Channel reported recently that it really is the perfect time to get into the restaurant business:

“The financial community has begun to take notice, with restaurant investments becoming hot property and restaurant stocks soaring. The overarching trend here goes beyond investing and is more about the way the food world has begun building trust—those in the food business take it seriously. After all, one attack of food poisoning can hurt a restaurant’s image irretrievably. Further, great restaurateurs are finding ways to entertain, without having to give up their restaurant in the process — they are more believable because they continue to invest in the passion that made them popular in the first place. Consumers have found ‘brand sanctuary’ and are placing their trust in something they understand.”

Huddle House has stayed true to its roots, making it popular with consumers and investors alike. We continue to serve classic American diner fare, but we update our menu to keep it fresh. So, yes, customers can still order burgers, fries and shakes — and now they have the option of sweet potato fries, too.

Another trend The Food Channel is predicting for 2014 is the rise of the Midwestern Food Movement. While Huddle House has its roots in the South, having been founded in Decatur, Ga., in 1964, our food is just as popular in the Midwest, and we are expanding our brand across the country. In 2013, we moved into areas we’d never been before, like North Dakota. Our territories are still wide open nationwide.

One trend many of us have longed for feels less like a trend and more like a comeback: carbs. Both The Food Channel and Restaurant News are reporting that bread is back as people recognize they can let go of their low-carb obsession and still live a healthy lifestyle. Our customers definitely understand the allure of biscuits and gravy once in a while, or french toast, or a waffle or breakfast sandwich or a burger on a toasted bun.

Is cheese going to be more popular than ever? Yes, according to Restaurant News:
“The demand for healthier eating is real, but so is the backlash. We’ll see even more cheese melts, pasta with creamy sauces, fried appetizers and sides, and oddities like doughnut-based sandwiches.”

Finally, Restaurant News reports that restaurants with 24-hour service will be restaurant news: “Consumers are less likely to eat according to a three-square-meals schedule; they nosh, skip meals, eat breakfast for dinner and vice versa. More restaurants are introducing innovative breakfast items — like chicken, turkey or steak breakfast sandwiches or super-spicy wraps with chipotle or Sriracha — often available all day. And while breakfast-and-lunch-only concepts are building a niche, other operators are promoting late-night breakfast menus, often in conjunction with 24-hour drive-thru service.”

Most Huddle House locations are open 24 hours, and our motto is “Any Meal. Any Time.” We have always recognized that some people want steak and eggs at suppertime or a patty melt at 9 in the morning. There’s no reason customers should be hampered by the arbitrary menu timetables set by so many restaurants.

As you can see, while you might not think of Huddle House as a trendy place, we’re a breakfast franchise that knows how to keep up with the times. We’ve revamped our store design, which has positively impacted our same-store sales. We pay attention to what customers want while staying true to our brand’s legacy.

Yes, we are an iconic brand. But we may not be the same brand you remember from years ago. Step into a Huddle House near you. Order a cup of coffee and tuck into a waffle or some steak and eggs. Enjoy the familiar atmosphere, and think about what a Huddle House could mean for your community — jobs and a gathering place for the people you already know and care about.

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With 400-plus units in more than 21 states, Huddle House is looking to expand further. The core values on which Huddle House was founded in 1964 — serving quality food in a warm, friendly environment that brings the community together — remain intact today. Typically open 24 hours, Huddle House serves any meal, anytime. If you think Huddle House might be the right franchise opportunity for you, fill out this form to download our free franchising report or call us at (770) 626-7286.