Why Huddle House Diner Franchise Makes Customer Service a Top Priority

Our diner franchise’s focus on customer intimacy spurs repeat visits for better revenues.

Good customer service is rare. Ask anyone who’s posted a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or written a scathing business review in an online forum. But the Huddle House diner franchise is different. We value our customers and want them to feel as comfortable in our restaurants as they do at home.

At Huddle House, we don’t take our customers for granted. We’re known for our comfort food, our 24-hour service and our welcoming atmosphere, but it’s our outstanding customer service that keeps people coming back for more. Here’s why we will always make customer service a priority:

Serving our communities is one of the reasons our diner franchise was founded. Our focus at Huddle House is on building relationships with customers and becoming a vital part of the communities we serve. Community has been important to us from the very beginning.

The idea of community-building was the inspiration for John Sparks, the founder of the Huddle House chain, when he built the first Huddle House in 1964 in Decatur, Georgia. He saw a group of boys at his restaurant after football practice “huddling up” — talking and laughing together — and that image gave our diner franchise its name and its mission.

That customer relationships starts when our staff issues a warm greeting as a customer walks in the door. Servers keep that cup of coffee topped off, no matter whose table it is. They help people who are coming in with their children. But it’s more than that. Our franchisees find ways to go the extra mile in their own communities

“We pick different businesses once a week where we take sausage and biscuits to them, or a cake or a pie,” says Rance Reese, a franchisee with two Huddle House locations in Georgia. “We just show up and try to make their day.” Other franchises sponsor local sports teams or find other ways to invest in their communities.

We don’t want to be just another diner franchise. We provide the service and the focus on community that turns customers into friends, even family.

We want to be the local gathering place. Our diner franchises welcome all kinds of celebrations, in both the small under served markets and larger urban markets that we serve. Our customers come to Huddle House after the game, to celebrate a birthday or to enjoy a family get-together. No milestone is too big or too small for us; we’re here to offer a friendly, affordable place for celebrations.

Our customers also come here as part of their day-to-day routines. College students come to enjoy a snack while studying, families come in for lunch after church, and seniors gather in the morning for their coffee clubs. Our customers feel welcome and rely on us as the go-to place for both the important and the everyday events in their lives.

At Huddle House, we don’t just serve good food, we serve our communities by offering a local gathering place. It’s a home away from home, a place to huddle up.

Customer relations are vital to franchise revenue. Our menus are value-priced, and because of their great value, we rely on repeat business.

Though we have urban locations, many of our diner franchises are in small towns. A typical customer may be a student or a farm worker or a young parent — people who usually don’t have a lot of money to spend eating out. Because of our value pricing, even customers with limited budgets can eat here daily or several times a day.

We offer breakfast — which is served all day — for as low as $3.99, and we serve popular favorites like fried shrimp, country-fried steak and chicken tender platters, all for less than $8. It’s great food at a great price, and it drives repeat business, which is very important for creating revenue in the restaurant industry.

“There are different regulars at different phases of the day,” says John Roper, who owns a Huddle House diner franchise in Montevallo, Alabama. “We have a lot of repeat customers. There are some folks who are in here for every meal. It’s a hangout. It’s not a private club, but it can seem like it. We do some fun things for our customers, too. We’ll have karaoke some nights, which brings in big crowds.”

At heart, we have always valued Southern hospitality. Huddle House is a Southern chain that works in any region. We’ve recently signed agreements in New York and New Jersey, and we’re in locations as far from the South as North Dakota. Customers everywhere enjoy our friendly, laid-back atmosphere, and they like that they’re greeted by name when they walk into their local Huddle House. But even if our folks don’t know a customer’s name, that person will still get a friendly greeting the moment they come in. Our restaurants offer Southern hospitality 24 hours a day, no matter where they’re located.

The bottom line is that we exist to serve our customers, and we make their happiness our priority. Great customer service is a rarity these days, so our dedication to customer service really stands out.

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Are you as passionate about customer service as we are? You don’t have to have restaurant experience to make a good franchise owner; you just have to embrace our mission. Our Sandy Springs, Georgia-based diner franchise has more than 400 locations across the country, and our goal is to open another 175 in the next five years. Huddle House is perfect for both single-unit and multi-unit investors in a range of market sizes, including urban areas, small towns, travel centers and convenience sites. Huddle House offers incentives for adding more units, including discounts on remodeling existing stores.

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