CEO Michael Abt Tells Bloomberg TV How Huddle House Franchise is Cashing in on Comfort Food

Huddle House franchise knows customer cravings drive business.

Bloomberg TV’s “Taking Stock” recently aired a segment featuring an interview with our CEO Michael Abt, who told interviewer Pimm Fox why the Huddle House franchise brand is on an upswing. The 3½-minute segment can be watched here, but in case you can’t view it, here’s a recap:

Huddle House On Bloomberg TVMichael talked about the Huddle House “Any Meal. Any Time.” motto of serving whatever customers want around the clock, because most Huddle House franchises are open 24 hours a day. He also talked about how Huddle House is attracting new franchise owners.

“Most of our franchise partners have business experience. Not all of them have restaurant experience. Most of them have a passion for people and a passion for food,” Michael told the interviewer.

Our franchise partners tend to live in the areas where Huddle House already has restaurants, although we are looking to expand across the United States and recently signed deals to open locations in Long Island and New Jersey.

When asked about his personal menu favorites, Michael mentioned a couple of his old stand-bys, the Philly Cheese Steak Omelet and a golden waffle, as well as a new go-to: a burger with mushrooms, Swiss cheese and onions, part of Huddle House’s new Bold Burger line.

Michael also discussed how Huddle House is constantly updating the menu while retaining the classic items customers love. “We try and keep things fresh; we’re developing new products all the time,” he said. “We have a great chef, and we do some work with some outside culinary services to help us, as well.”

Huddle House Bold Burgers

The short interview segment recapped some Huddle House numbers we’re proud of: We’ve been in business for 50 years and were founded in Decatur, GA; we have 400-plus stores in 21 states; and we have 178 franchise partners — a number we’d like to see increase this year!

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