4 Ways Huddle House Franchise Builds Trust with Customers and Franchisees

Huddle House franchise values communities, so communities value Huddle House.

The Huddle House franchise has a 50-year history of serving up comfort food in a friendly environment. Our long track record of service has earned the trust and loyalty of hundreds of communities across the nation. Our franchisees — and there are hundreds of them — love us, too. They’re proud of providing jobs in their communities. They feel great about serving hearty, affordable meals to their friends and neighbors. Their dedication is what brings customers coming back, time after time. Here are four ways the Huddle House franchise earns the trust and loyalty of customers and franchises every day, and in most locations 24 hours a day.

We’re an extension of the communities we serve. The Huddle House experience is much different than running hurriedly into a burger joint or taking a fast trip to a drive-through window. We’re like an extension of home, and it isn’t the least bit unusual for Huddle House customers to visit several times a week — even multiple times a day. In many locales Huddle House has become the place to go to share what’s happening around town. It’s a place to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with an affordable Southern-style meal and a place to “huddle up” after a football game or sit and drink coffee and eat pie after a Sunday church service.

We put franchisees first. The Huddle House franchise is a brand that’s instantly recognizable, particularly in small towns and cities and on interstates and highways across the nation. The Huddle House name translates into profits for our franchisees. There’s a reason we’ve endured for more than five decades, a reason why we’re still growing. It all comes down to trust. Our franchisees trust us to provide them with the support, training and resources they need to make a good living doing something they love. In turn, they earn the loyalty of their customers, who trust them to provide delicious and affordable meals in a friendly, hometown atmosphere. Our Huddle House franchisees tell us over and over that one of the most gratifying parts of their job is being able to provide jobs to their friends, family members and neighbors.

Outstanding leadership. Michael Abt, a former senior executive with Arby’s, ushered in a new era at Huddle House when he assumed the role of CEO in 2012. Michael’s strong leadership is honoring our roots as a classic American comfort food-style restaurant, and positioning us as a dynamic, modern restaurant that’s keeping up with the times. We’re very proud of our new store designs, fresh new menu and aggressive growth plan. In 2013, our new Huddle House Evolutions store design caught fire and delivered sales increases to participating franchisees. We launched a $2.5 million incentive program that offers $25,000 in incentives to owners who remodel their existing restaurants. Our stunning new design has an open kitchen that invites more interaction with customers. It also features a signature tower entrance and an interior with contemporary colors and plush seating. The new design is propelling the brand forward in a big way. We anticipate more than 90% of our units will feature the design by 2017.

Huddle House Customers

High performance, productive partnerships. Huddle House has a record of out-performing similar full-service restaurants. One of the secrets to our success is our ability to create win-win partnerships. For example, in 2013 we entered into a joint venture with CEFCO Convenience Stores, a 250-unit chain in Texas. We also signed an agreement with Knoxville, Tenn.-based Pilot Travel Centers, a 550-unit chain and one of the nation’s largest wholesale fuel providers. Such strategic relationships make a lot of sense for all parties involved, and they build trust across brands. They expand the Huddle House franchise to non-traditional locations. Plus, a Huddle House that operates in conjunction with a travel center or convenience store typically involves a much lower initial investment than traditional freestanding restaurants.

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The Huddle House breakfast franchise is perfect for both the single-unit investor who wants to improve his small town by adding jobs and a gathering place for the community as well as the multi-unit investor interested in trying a range of market sizes, including travel centers and convenience sites. Huddle House offers incentives for adding additional units, including discounts on remodeling existing stores.

The core values on which Huddle House was founded in 1964 — serving quality food in a warm, friendly environment that brings the community together — remain intact today. Typically open 24 hours, Huddle House serves any meal, anytime. If you think Huddle House might be the right franchise opportunity for you, fill out this form to download our free franchising report or call us at (770) 626-7286.